Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An attempt at baking

Cupcakes have become such a HUGE fad over the past couple years it's amazing the decorations people come up with!  It's so fun seeing so many different recipes and ideas that people can create with tiny little cakes.  Some of my favorite are...
{sooooo adorable!}
I've never been a baker... or someone who belongs in the kitchen even.
However, I wanted to attempt to surprise Jackson's daycare class with cupcakes for their Easter party.  I searched for a bit trying to find an idea that was idiot proof easy enough for me to attempt.
{here goes nothing}
First step {seems harmless enough}: follow recipe on cake box.
Step two: Eat a lot of batter Pour batter into cupcake pans.

Step three: {here's where it starts to get tricky} I melted white chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl just enough I could stir the chocolate smooth. I read that over melting the chocolate in the microwave will make it taste icky.

{Just before I stirred it to smooth perfection}
Step four: Add ample amount of hard crispy rice noodle things. I also read the key is the more noodles the better because you actually don't want them dripping in chocolate otherwise your nest won't take shape.

Step five: Scoop small amounts of the mixture and place on wax paper.  I then used little chocolate eggs, but whatever candy you what to use for eggs will work perfectly.
I stuck these in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes while my last batch of cupcakes was finishing in the oven.

Step six: Top your cupcakes off with chocolate frosting and smoosh your little harden nests on top of them and VOILA! Little bird nest cupcakes for Easter!
They turned out pretty cute!
{And I didn't even burn down the kitchen , or set off the smoke alarm!}
Just wish one of the teachers had been able to snap a picture of those 12 little two-year olds eating these with frosting all over their faces!
{enter awwwwe moment}
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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