Sunday, May 22, 2011

DIY Painted Curtains

I could not be anymore excited about my new painted curtains!


I instantly loved these curtains when I saw them in the West Elm catalog.
However what I did not love was the price tag....

I'd need the 84" ones... and need 4 panels, putting a total price tag {even on sale} over $200

So I began searching like crazy for a stencil that I could use to make my own.
However, 99% of the stencils I came across that was this design was the reversed image of what I wanted.  I already had two sets of blue/grey curtains, and I wanted the main color to be that, and then the design to be white.  If you search for Moroccan trellis stencils you'll see a majority of them like this...

Where the part you paint are the large medallions.

I FINALLY came across the stencil I wanted 
{@ Cutting Edge Stencils shop on Etsy}
I was hesitant at first to purchase the stencil because of the cost, and I was initially convinced I could create something using my Cricut. 
I ended up deciding to just purchase the stencil, and glad I did because it's extremely high quality and am loving the results!

Tutorial to come... but for now, just drool over my BEAUTIFUL new curtains!


  1. Wonderfully done beautiful. Oops excuse me need to grab a Kleenex I just drooled.

  2. Beautiful! I don't blog much but I always look forward to the DIY creations you make! You are so talented! I just wish I was even half as crafty!

  3. This is amazing. I CANNOT wait to see your tutorial. I was in the same position about 2 months ago because I needed 6 panels. I wanted Pottery Barn curtains, but it was going to run me about $500-600. Ridiculous!!! Wish I would've seen this back then, but hey...maybe a little re-do action with what I ended up with from Bed Bath & Beyond! Great job :)

  4. what type of paint did you use?

  5. @Anonymous

    Wish I knew who you were to be sure you got this answer!
    But as mentioned here :
    I used acrylic white paint.. and a fabric medium, about a 50/50 ratio of the two.
    Hope this helps!


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