Sunday, May 15, 2011

Doing the happy dance with my Nikon!

About two years ago I bought my first DLSR, a Nikon D3000.  I bought it because I saw the pictures that my best friend Ashley took of Jackson, and then compared them to mine and I always wanted HER pictures.  I figured it was because I wasn't using a DLSR. and just using a point-and-shoot camera.  Well two years later, I am still clueless about the "how to's" of my Nikon... and still taking less than perfect pictures.  A camera will only be as good as it's user and it isn't going to take amazing pictures unless I learn how a little more about my camera.

I took a three hour class today with them, and they are amazing!
If you're in the Hampton Roads area... I highly suggest taking a class with these guys. 
They started off the class by going through the technical details of the camera; explaining aperture, shutter speeds, iso, etc.  Also, spoke a lot about good composition and framing rules. 
They're patient, and informative.  They make sure you're comfortable with everything they're teaching you before moving onto a new subject. Plus they really made it easy to understand and learn... and they're incredibly fun, with the right amount of goofiness.
I usually either shoot on Auto or Manual when taking my pictures.  However, my pictures were NEVER good in Manual... and I figured out the secret..
{shoot in aperture priority setting}
This little secret made me do a little happy dance!

I learned so much and so glad I took the class. 
I think my next class will need to be one that concentrates on indoor pictures {if there's such a class}.

A: F1.8 ISO800 1/160
A: F1.8 ISO400 1/1000
A: F5.6 ISO100 1/500
S: F5.6 ISO280 1/40000
S: F5.6 ISO250 1/4000
S: F4.8 ISO280 1/4000
 (Sean, one of the instructors.... he looked funny waiting for the water to pop up hehe)
 A: F9 ISO100 1/400
 A: F5.6 ISO1600 1/125
S: F4.5 ISO1400 1/1250
 A: 5.3 ISO800 1/500
A: F5.3 ISO800 1/800
S: F6.3 ISO400 1/1000

I'm pretty dang excited about my pictures! 
Hopefully I can continue to grow with it too.

Someday I'll learn Photoshop too.


  1. Great job. If you have action pictures try using your shutter priority and the aperture will adjust automatically. When you are using it with Jackson it will be great fun. Love what you have done and looking forward to more.

  2. great pictures. Getting a "real" camera was the best thing I ever did, even though I still don't fully know how to use it. And I'm still terrified by photoshop! lol

  3. @Jami

    I suggest taking a class! It was helpful... I just hope I can remember everything now.


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