Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day! And As Seen on Knock Off Decor!

Let's begin by saying happy Memorial Day!  I hope everyone gets a lot of family and friends time and some outdoor fun today.

"His Boots, Her Heels....Perfect Pair"
Isn't this beautiful!? I think it says so much for every military couple... 
My husband is in the military and today isn't just remembering those that have fought and lost their lives defending our country, but honoring every individual in the military and their support systems back home. I am very proud of my husband, he is strong, he is brave, and he is very important to this country, and to our family. 

What are you doing to celebrate today's Memorial Day?
Grilling? Gardening? Visiting museums? Being with friends and family?

Now to share my exciting painted curtains have been featured AGAIN!

The amazing Knock Off Decor is featuring the tutorial today....
Never heard of this website before?  Well, it's a DIY'ers heaven for ideas and inspiration, and you must check it out now!

A big thank you to Beckie @ Knock Off Decor for picking my curtains to feature today! 

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Memorial Day!

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  1. Congratulations on being featured Pammy! That's awesome!!! :)


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