Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, My Mother's Tribute

My mom is an amazing woman.
Growing up, she was the mom that hosted themed birthday parties at our house..
She was the mom that watched over all our friends while we swam in the pool for hours upon end...
She was the mom that played mom and dad, as our dad was a pilot and traveled a lot..
She was the mom that always had time to bring us to our practices, games and recitals...
She was the mom that took the time and dedication to sew us things from scratch... everything from duvets, pillows, curtains, clothes, hats and scarves...
She was the mom that pushed us when we needed to be pushed... and was a shoulder when we needed one...

Just as many mother/daughter relationships go through, my mother and I had a phase in our lives that tested her strength.  I was that teenager that pushed her away, I yelled at her just to talk over her, I argued against her just to be stubborn, I slammed doors just to make a point.
{a phase of motherhood, I hope I'm strong enough for too}

We came out in the end stronger together.

I'll go to my mom with anything.  She's strong. She's brave.  She's dedicated.  She's one of the most caring people.

An experience that I'll hold close to my heart for the rest of my life, was during my pregnancy, her and I went through everything together. 
My husband just left for boot camp and I wouldn't see or talk to him for 8 weeks and would be living 8 hours away for the next 10 months.  I was an emotional wreck, and even through that my mom could tell there was something else going on.  She told me to take a pregnancy test.. and I told her she's CRAZY.  Well, as most mothers know... {mothers just know}.  She was right. 
It was earlier than Billy and I had been ready for... and he had just left for the military and would be gone for 10 months.  My mom just hugged me and said to take the night and start loving the little baby that was in my belly.  {The perfect reaction a mom can give her daughter after finding out the most life changing news and is scared out of her mind}
For the next 9 months she was there for me everyday.  She went to my prenatal appointments and classes.  We sat on the couch feeling the little baby kicking like CRAZY inside my belly.  We did endless hours of baby shopping and registering for gifts.  She helped me prepare to be a mom, just by being the amazing mom she was being for me.

I think the greatest thank you I can say to my mom is letting her know that I'm able to be a mom to Jackson, because I have her as a role model too look too.

I love you momma, Happy Mother's Day.

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  1. Pamela I love you so much and words can't express it well enough. Your tribute brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with so much love.. I am and will always be there for you..... Love.....() ()


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