Friday, May 13, 2011

I Spy {Homemade Edition}

I SPY: Homemade Edition

It's my first time doing I Spy with LMM and I figured the perfect theme to start linking up was this weeks!
{Homemade Edition}
"I Spy" is a creative and fun way to peak into my world to take note of the smaller (or bigger) things that make me smile, and for others to link up and show what's in their world.

Time to explore for things I Spy... that are homemade.
{Kitchen Corkboard}
Painted/distressed a frame that was on clearance at Michael's, removed the glass and added a cut piece of cork board.  Perfect to display our family's "to do's" and coupons, or anything else that'd typically get lost.
{My Pom Pom Necklace}
and {Alphabet Soup Wall Art}
{Jackson's Big Boy Potty Treats Jar}
Storming full force in potty training I made this little jar to hold some goodies that will hopefully motivate to poopoo in the potty.
{Clothespin Picture Display}
Using salvaged wood from a construction site, I made this to display some of our favorite family photo's in our living room, pictures still need to be printed.

{DIY surprise}
I'm super excited to post the final results from this project.

Be sure to link up your posts from some of your favorite homemade items from your world!  Leave comments with links, and be sure to link up back to LMM's I Spy page too.


  1. Oops I tried to forward my vintage homemade cars that I hope to give to my grandchildren to your site but I think it's going to go somewhere in fb land. Guess I am not high tech. I have enjoyed your diy updates.

  2. How did you make the top piece of the clothespin photo display? I would love to make this piece!!

  3. @materialgirl - You didn't provide an email so I am not able to contact you to let you know.

    It's a block of spare wood I sanded down using 120grit sand paper. Then mod podged a piece of scrap book paper to the front and waited for it to dry. Then using a hot glue gun attached the teeny tiny clothespins on the front that will hold pictures. It's quick and easy to change out the pictures!

    Let me know if you have any questions.



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