Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In the spotlight

I  needed to take a couple a day off from the DIY projects and crafts to put my feet up.  I had numerous attempts at projects last weekend that all now have big red FAILS across them.
So, I'm taking a breather to recoup, reset, and refresh my system...
In the meantime a long time best friend of mine has captured some AMAZING pictures of a BEAUTIFUL family and I want to put both of them in the spotlight for some much deserved attention!

I have been lucky enough to know Ashley from AshleyJtyler Photography since I was in 6th grade.  This girl and I have gone through it all...getting caught passing notes in school, late night sleepovers, making up dances to Spice Girls, vacations, boyfriends, heart aches, some amazing birthday celebrations, and of course the birth of my son, her godson, and being Maid of Honor at my wedding.  We truly have gone through it all.
She started her photography business a few years ago, and has quickly become one of the greatest photographers I've seen!  She does it all; newborns, kiddos, families, engagements, and weddings.  You name it, she'll capture it.
I mean look at this girls talent!

Just beautiful.
She recently had a contest on her Facebook page for one lucky fan to win a free session!
The lucky winner just happened to be my sister in law and her adorable family!
I was so excited to see the pictures because I just knew they'd be fantastic.
And I was right!

{and again because it's so cute not too}

Courtney is my husbands sister, and her handsome and hysterical husband Ryan with their gorgeous daughter Amelia. 
Yaya {as J calls her} and Jackson are two weeks apart! That's right!  Her and I got to enjoy our first pregnancy right along with each other and have our first born kids so close in age has been truly an amazing experience.

The second half of my spotlight is on Courtney and Amelia.
Courtney and I both began blogs when our kids were born to let family and friends follow along with the changes, stories and pictures of our new kids.
I did it because my husband and I sadly had to move away from our family and friends almost immediately after J was born half across the country for our new duty station (life of the military).
Courtney did hers to keep a written memoir of the changes, memories, events, laughs, giggles and tears that she and her family were experiencing when Miss Amelia was too young to remember.  She has written a post almost every day "To Amelia" since she was born.
{Isn't that AMAZING!}
Every post begins with "Dear Amelia" and ends with "Love, Mom"
She's going to eventually hand it over to a company like Blog2Print and have every post she's written to Amelia made into a book to give to her. 
She will have a book with every moment of her childhood that she'll be able to treasure for the rest of her life.
{I tear up just picturing that moment of a mom handing something that special to her daughter}

I am one lucky lady to have some amazing and talented people in my life.
Enjoy the spotlight ladies! You deserve it!


  1. So very special and i agree Pamela very special people and I am blessed to know.

  2. HEY! That's me! Thanks for the spotlight! I feel famous :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxooooooooo


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