Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Jackson Zone

I think one of the hardest challenges all new parents find is how to handle all the clutter that comes with kids.  Kids come with A LOT of baggage!  I remember when Jackson was in his first year we didn't even try to keep our living room an "adult" space, 99% of the time it was converted into a barricade jungle gym.
When we recently purchased our first home, all decorating and painting has been something we have wanted to be proud of and reflect more of "our" style rather than the "Jackson's endless toy mess" style.  However, we couldn't make a kid-free zone when our living room and kitchen are one big open floor plan and where we spend all our time.
That's when a "Jackson zone" came into play.
With creativity and some organizing tools, Jackson now has his very own "kid corner" where there are very little rules and to-do's except to have fun, and play hard.

His artist center holds markers, crayons and chalk {to use on his chalkboard table I DIY'd from a $5 thrift store find}
His big dump truck stores all his Thomas the Train track goods
The amazing book shelf I'd recommend to every parent! {It's so easy for the kids to choose their own books, and put them away themselves}
His overflowing toy bin where he puts all his toys {while we all sing the clean up song}

The big wooden toy chest was a hand me down from me.  I had that in my room since I was in middle school and hope it'll stay in the family as long as it can.
He absolutely loves this area and it's great to have where his toys and belongings can just kind of gather in one area of the living room rather than spread all across our whole house.

Another big bonus having a table that's his, is being able to teach him he only colors in coloring books and nothing else and everything stays on the table {thanks to Magic Eraser no real fear if he lands on the walls though!}
As mentioned before, table was a $5 find at a thrift store and I sprayed it with $3 chalk board paint to make it a fun kid friendly table.  To hold all his markers, crayons and chalk I used a spare piece of wood, stained it, and the tin cans were in the $1 bin at Target.  I used little hooks to attach them allowing Jackson to take off each bin for easy coloring.
Though he is a fairly neat and tidy little boy {with a few OCD tendencies} ... sometimes even his corner can't contain his wild and crazy times.  That's when this occurs...

{Disaster strikes}


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