Friday, May 27, 2011

Jackson's corner {#1} and featured on Stephanie@home !

What a fantastic way to end my week by being mentioned on one of my favorite blogs! 
Stephanie@home is one of the blogs I landed on and within 5 seconds I knew I'd be following, and becoming obsessed with... she's amazing.
Well I'm honored enough to have my latest DIY project, the painted curtains mentioned on her blog for Good Find Friday!
I just know I'm going to have a great Friday now!

So I wanted to ask...
Have you figured out the title of this blog yet?
PB&J is the combination of my adorable little family {Pamela Billy & Jackson}, and the stories that come with us.
In 2008 my husband and I were blessed with the most amazing gift ever, our son Jackson Jude.  Well time has flown by and he's two and half now and every day gets better with him.  I honestly think every month I've thought to myself {now THIS is my favorite age!}. 
Since he is the heart of our family I want to do a weekly spot on him, posting pictures, telling stories, and perhaps sharing some struggles most mom's have, especially in the {terrible two} stage!  It always helps knowing other mothers and families are going through similar experiences.

For a reason {which you'll find out this weekend probably} I'll be sharing stories and lots of pictures of J to make you feel as you're spending your day with him too.

{Bye Momma, it's play time!}

 {Can you keep up with me?}

 {Mo, aka Monkey, J's very best friend}

{Boys will be boys}

{Swinging away.... apparently he knows how to pump?! The things I learn which he magically already knows how to do}


{Some contemplation time}

J absolutely LOVES being outdoors, going on walks and being at the playground.  Sadly, during the week we rarely have the opportunity to go since it's rushing home from daycare/work, getting dinner on the table, bath time and off to bed.  But once in a while, I say to hell with routine, let's go get our feet and hands dirty and stay up late so we get some time having fun and playing together.

He makes every day better.


  1. That is so true. Every picture and every chance I get to spend with my grandson Jackson is special. I love the story of Jackson you have here and the pictures you took are awesome. Tamma

  2. That is so cool you were featured on that blog. And Jaxy...I can never get enough of that boy!

  3. Aww I'm blushing, thank you for all the nice things you said! Your son is ADORABLE!! I don't have kids yet but I look forward to hearing your stories. Hopefully it helps me mentally prepare for when we have kids :) Hope you're having a great weekend!


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