Friday, May 20, 2011

My Friday Nights

It wasn't too many years ago that my Friday nights were all about going out with the girls, getting dressed up, having cocktails and enjoying the downtown scene. 
Now my nights are about resting, DIY projects, blog reading, catching up on DVR shows, and a glass full of wine.
I realized tonight as I was getting ready to sit in the Princess chair
that these things make me giddy now...
My princess chair, with lap top ready to go
The magazines I get by mail, West Elm being the one I truly do my happy dance over.
{Seriously, I get WAYYY too excited over these magazines}

My Google reader up and ready to go, with some DVR shows.

I'm more than okay with that though. 
I like my Friday nights.
These kind of Friday nights mean  I'm now experiencing happy moments during the day like these...

{Waking up to J at my bedside}
{Laughs and giggles between Daddy and son}
{Walks with J, and moments of cheering up}

{Splishes and Splashes in the bath}

My heart is so full of love from my little family.
We really are the perfect combo, just as the original PB&J


  1. Your blogs are so cute!!! :)

  2. I agree! I totally love your blogs!!! Good read keep up the great work Pam!

  3. I am so full of love for you guys. Seeing the love and happiness you share makes my heart feel so fill of joy. I also love your pictures Pamela and your blog so much.

  4. @Frances
    Thank you momma... It's support from family and friends that keep me going!

  5. I can totally relate!!! I wouldn't trade this life for anything!


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