Monday, May 9, 2011

My Pom Pom Necklace

Almost all the projects I do are for our house, that's why when I came across LLM's tutorial for this amazing necklace I was totally excited!
Looked simple enough that I could handle it, as I am not familiar with
(1) jewelry making and (2) the hot glue gun.

Pom Pom Necklace Tutorial

Materials needed:
*hot glue gun
*adorable necklace chain
{I used white, from now on I'll use one that matches closer to the
cotton fabric I choose for the pom pom's
*cotton fabric in your choice of color
*fabric scissors
{TIP: make sure they're sharp! mine were dull... caused way too much of a headache}

{Step One}

Cut 5 (or however many pom pom's as you desire) 1.5" circles out of the felt.  These will be the backing to each pom pom. 

{Step Two}
Use the felt circle as a guide, and cut out many many many more circles from the cotton fabric of your choice.  {Here's where my headache started, my scissors were dull which made fabric cutting a challenge}  I cut about 9 circles out per felt piece. 

{Step Three}
Take one of the many many little circles you have and fold it up into a cone shape.  {Here's where I began stressing, I thought there was some hidden tip I didn't know how to perfectly shape these... there's really not.  Just fold up, bend at different spots, glue, stick, and have fun}.  Place a little dab of glue at the end of the folded up piece and stick it to the felt.  Do this over and over until the felt is coverd, and you have your first pom pom. 
{Here's the part where had my husband been home, he would have been laughing at me the entire time... as I was finding out how truly painful hot glue was to get on your fingers, and letting out many curse words!

{Step Four}After covering all your felt pieces you'll have what look like a bundle of Barbie's pom pom's. 
{As you can see I wasn't able to cover up all the felt, so I trimed back any visible felt... after noticing how obvious it was in this picture}

{Step Five}
Here's when you lay out each of the pom pom's into the design you want them to be for the necklace.  I was doing a basic "U" shape, so I lined all 5 of them up.  I then glued 3 of the pom pom's (excluding the top two) to the left over felt.
{I do apologizing, I was so into the making of the necklace at this point I forgot to snap a picture of this step}

{Step Six}
Take the end of the necklace chain and hot glue it to one of the last two pom pom pieces.  Do the same for the other end of the necklace to the last pom pom piece.
After this set for a minute, I glued this down next to the other three pom pom's on each side. 

{Step Seven}
Cut the necklace out from the felt and cut back as much as possible so it's not visible while looking at the front of the necklace.  Be sure not to cut too much in between each pom pom as the felt backing is what keeps all the pieces together.

{Step Eight}
You're all done!
{Quick Notation: In step five I explained to glue the bottom three pom pom's to the felt excluding the top two.  As you can see in this picture more clearly, the bottom three pom pom's are next to each other, and then the top pom pom on each side is where the chain is attached}

I love it and I plan on making a few more in differnet colors and shapes!


  1. Very chic. Looking forward to other pieces of jewelry you come up with.

  2. I loved your necklace so much I had to try making my own. I made mine slightly larger so I only did 3 pom poms. You can see my finished picture at the link below.!/photo.php?fbid=10150190263529269&set=a.413901054268.186040.500994268&type=1&theater


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