Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My "someday" List

Everyone has one.
Some write it down.
Some store it in their mind.
Some may not even realize they have one.
Well, mine has grown faster than I realized, and I'd like to share it.
I'm talking about my "someday" list.
It's compiled of a few DIY projects, a few "hire a professional" projects, and some I have no clue yet how to do projects.
  • Stain our concrete driveway, walkway, and front patio.
  • Do something anything with our third bedroom.  Temporary craft room. "To-be" nursery. Anything.
  • Redo kitchen pantry
  • Plant a new garden for front of our house.
  • Buy frames for these two amazing photo collages we have from engagement session and wedding.
  • Redo back patio which is currently a small slab of concrete
    with concrete stamping...
  • Construct a raised garden bed.
  • Plant a vegetable garden in said raised garden.
  • Put up a back splash in our kitchen.
So much work... so little time.
That's the beauty of it all though...right?

What are some of the items on your "someday" lists?


  1. Some day may really be a snowbird. Get away from mn in the winter.
    Some day my grandchildren will live nearby.

  2. The perfect backyard and a man room! Obviously....

  3. I love these inspirations!!!! We had a house flood so we are in the middle of lots of repairs. My list seems never ending ;)

  4. I had to look at your website when I saw one of your pantry ideas on pinterest. I loved the look of your magazine organizer/canned food holder. I like to buy the canned goods I use often by the case. Your idea is stylish and usable. Another canned food organizer I liked on pinterest was a soda can box covered with decorative contact paper---> The perfect size for canned soups.

  5. How did you do that backsplash? I LOVE IT!

  6. How did you find/do your kitchen backsplash? I LOVE IT!

  7. Do you have a source for the last photo? I'd like to "poke" around this kitchen a bit as we have similar color cabinetry. Thanks!

    1. Hi Amy, this was actually just acquired via Pinterest...and there it's sourced off DecorPad.com which still doesn't have an ultimate "destination"



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