Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oversized Letter DIY project

Another obsession of mine for home decor is oversized letters... like seen here

or HERE!

But the DIYer in me never wanted to spend all the money that those beauties cost.... so one day while Jackson and I were aimlessly wandering around Michael's... the light bulb appeared above my head.
{I'll make my own}

Two of these from Michael's cost a couple of $
Slapped some glue between the two pieces....

{once again, I use too much!}
Nothing a little wet rag won't clean up.
Then I used Rustoleum Multicolored Textured spray paint to give them the effect of stone.

{Eyes off the sideways frame!....measuring up sizes of something for another DIY project}
I sit and stare at those shelves just about every night... eventually I'll get everything I want up there.  The two smaller pictures, will become something bigger.  The sideways frame will become ... something. I believe it'll happen.


  1. If you feel like making an even larger "large letter" check out Jo-Ann Fabrics. They have extra large letters there. In fact, I am going tonight to try out your method on it :) Thank you for all the fun ideas!!

    1. thanks for the tip on the Jo-Ann Fabrics larger letters .. I know where the Michaels letters above can go, but I might want bigger elsewhere ;)

  2. @Jaime

    Consider this officially on my to do list! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Great idea! I am your newest follower, found you thru Tip Junkie :)

  4. genius to double up the letters!!!
    tutorial page looks great!


  5. Love the S! Love the crystal tree to the right of the sideways frame too! What is it? I have a rubber band painted vase that I could see on your shelves (if you're interested ;) .. pinned on my pinterest!

    1. That was just something I got at TJMAxx HomeGoods on clearance. But I've seen those same branches with the capris shell looking things at Michaels too so you could just make your own! :)

      What's the rubber band painted vase?! That sounds cool!


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