Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Painted Night stand, My weekend DIY project

{All professionals started as amateurs}
I sit and repeat that to myself anytime I attempt a project for this first time.  I am always searching blogs for ideas, tips and advice on how to do various types of projects.
Anytime I start working on a project I get so nervous that I'm not doing it 100% correct and that I'm gonna mess it up.
But then usually the paint fumes get to my head and I quickly stop worrying and start having fun.
This was the second painted furniture project I've done, and the first "distressing" painting I've completed.
{and I LOVE the results!}
I've been searching for night stands for our bedroom since we moved into the house.  However, every nightstand I find I like, has a $200+ price tag
{and that's just not going to happen}.
I did buy two from online that were about $80 and white, however next to our massive bed they just didn't match.  Instead some lucky shopper on Craigslist will be purchasing those from me.
Now meet Chuck:

Chuck is ugly. But Chuck was only $24 at Goodwill!  {now that's a price tag I like!}
I removed the knobs already, but they were just as ugly.
Chuck got 2 layers of spray paint primer,
(most people recommend sanding first but since there were so many grooves and details on the front I wasn't about to attempt that)

I let him dry overnight just to make sure the primer was nice and dry.
{This took patience I didn't know I had when doing DIY projects}
Next was painting.
Originally I was going to paint it white, but after noticing I didn't have any white paint and antsy to continue working on the project I went with spare paint that we had left over, aka FREE!

The little roller and paint tray is sold for trims, and also touch ups.  But I know consider it my best friend for painting furniture! Made it SO easy and smooth.
Next step after painting was completed, was the distressing.
I was SO nervous to begin.  Taking sandpaper to a piece of furniture you're hoping to keep and just finished a perfect paint job on is nerve wrecking.
I concentrated on areas that typically would be "high traffic areas" to make it seem more natural.  I then rubbed some wood stain on the sanded down areas to make them stand out more.
{don't worry, Chuck didn't feel a thing}

The last step was the knobs.  I originally had my heart set on clear crystal looking knobs but couldn't find any at the craft store on sale, and only saw them at Target for $15 for 4 and I needed 6.  No way was I blowing my $24 project at this point and spending $30 on knobs.
Instead I spray painted the originals with white gloss spray paint and purposefully kept it a little uneven coverage to keep up with Chuck's new distressed look.

After putting all of Chuck back together I was left with this beauty

Chuck is now Chuckerella, my bedside night stand.
Can't wait to put some more perfect accessories on top!


  1. Such a great job. We can have fun on the weekend I come and visit.

  2. Great job. We can have fun when i visit over the weekend.

  3. Wow! That looks fantastic! I have yet to try my hand at a piece of furniture but I really want to. I'm so afraid that it's going to look like something you find on the side of the road. :D

  4. @Angie @ Thrifty Like Me

    The roller brush worked great so try that.. plus, you could always buy some super cheap deals at Goodwill and practice. If you don't like, then you literally could dump it on the side of the road and list as free! :)

  5. Looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This looks so good, I like the color combo with the trellis curtains, lamp and chest.


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