Wednesday, May 4, 2011 new obsession

During my intro I explained I'm a multi-tabber.  I continuously have like 10+ tabs open on my Internet browser looking up a million different things.  Usually reading my favorite blogs, searching Etsy, Craigslist, HGTV, furniture store websites, etc. etc. etc. I even have a filter I created on my Gmail account that whenever I email myself, I know it's because I am sending myself a reminder of some website that has something I have fallen in love with and want.  Know how many times I have reopened that folder to visit those websites and purchase the products? Zero. They become out of sight out of mind.  I also have an actual folder, with pages of magazines, print outs, and written ideas that I have added too over time... know where that is right now? Because I don't, so if you do please let me know... I've been searching everywhere.
Enter my new obsession.

Passed on to me by a new pal I instantly loved this website.  It's essentially a bunch of "virtual cork boards" that you pin items you love, want, drool over, think are funny etc. etc. etc.  Similar to Twitter you follow other people, and can see pins by others.  But it's such a great new networking tool to organize all the things I seem to never look back at while being able to see what others are "pinning". Once you get the grasp of it, it's so easy to use.
All I ask, if you join... follow me because half the fun of this great website is being able to see what others love! 


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