Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Progress update of the yard

I won't say it's been easy.
I think so far of the homeowner's process... this fence and yard has been our largest challenge.  We had some hiccups with Lowe's installation team in the beginning with the fence, but I let my voice be heard and problems were resolved very quickly thanks to our amazing sales representative Ron.  Once the fence was installed and the mess was cleaned up (most of it at least... the remainder of the mess you'll see in a later post), we have just been back to concentrating on our lawn.
Remember those seedlings I gave the little pep talk too? GROW SEEDLINGS GROW.  Well... they weren't a fan of the temporary renters of the lawn {fence installers} so they pretty much gave up.  However, with a little luck of mother nature giving us rain.... and what I'd like to call cover up grass, it has began to look like we will eventually get a lawn!
I call it cover up grass, because it's like concealer... its temporary grass that is just there to mask what's truly underneath.  {others may call it crabgrass}
So here's a quick snap shot of our back yard ... hopefully in like a month {fingers crossed} I can give you another snap shot with far better results.
We have SO much work to do with our back yard, even beyond the grass, it'll probably be our longest lasting project of this home.  Hopefully one day, {probably the day before we sell it} we'll be able to sit back, feet up, and sigh with complete happiness of it.
{and if you notice... yes that grass is incredibly long...first on our to-do list.. buy a lawn mower} ... until then we have this little helper

That is until he gets distracted...
and gets into a face off with Makinney {Jackson's sub-in pet}

To be continued...


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