Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation Time

Just wanted to pop in and give a heads up.... DIY posts will temporary be on vacation, while I myself will be on vacation.  Until we return, here's a joyous picture to remind you... 
Once in a while, take a look around.  Relish in the beauty.  Breathe in the fresh air.  Enjoy the happy moments.

I'm hoping to do an update or two while on vacation but they will not be about projects, they will be about the amazing joy of being with our family and friends. 

Don't worry, the projects will return in {full force} when I return in just under two weeks!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

My something from nothing {almost} DIY project

I haven't disappeared! I'm still here!
I've been having a blast with all my visitors the past couple weeks, but life has been keeping me busy enough I haven't been able to get on the computer and write about it all.

Just wanted to say a quick hi to everyone,
and a quick brag tutorial on a little project I did recently for some easy-peasy table top decor.

When I'm not shopping at Goodwill's and thrift stores, my favorite runner up places to go are Home Goods & Marshall's and I go directly to the clearance aisles. 
One of my latest finds was this vase:

When I saw it was originally a $35 vase - marked to Home Good's price of $15 and then clearance'd down to $4.50 I grabbed it knowing it'd be perfect for a spray paint make over.
I started by giving it a light sanding so the primer would stick better {also helps prevent any drips of the primer because it has something to hold onto}.
Then I started spraying away with my spray paint primer.  If I remember correctly, I did about two light coats.
Next came the paint! I instantly new this wonky shaped vase would be beautiful and an excellent addition to my Master Bedroom makeover in my latest obsession accent color of YELLOW.
I did a few light layers of my bright yellow spray paint...

{Anyone else suddenly craving jelly beans?!}

Next vision I had for this was actually NOT flowers, but I pictured something a little more "rustic" to accessorize the theme of our bedroom.
I {okay, truth, I told my coworker one day during work to go outside and find "cool shaped" branches for me... and she actually did} So, my coworker gathered up some branches from the amazing store called, "The Great Outdoors, aka Nature". 
After seeing them in the vase I knew something they needed a little TLC.

I sanded each branch down to remove any ickyness {I really am not sure what those black specks are and was not willing to wait and find out if they were eggs of some sort}.

Then to help preserve the branches and help eliminate rotting I applied a clear varnish to each of the branches.

Afterwards I laid them out for a good couple coats of glossy white paint {like I'd ever use anything else}.
Once they dried I assembled my free arrangement into my $4.50 brand new vase and sat back and admired.

{Happy Dance}!

{Anyone notice the non-stenciled curtains in the background?... I'll finish those eventually, I swear!}
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Blogover Debut!


{Imagine my blog, stepping forward, turning to the right, turning to the left, and a quick spin}
So... whatcha think! Am I PRETTTYYY?

I think so!
Once again, a HUGE thank you to Cindy @ Blessed Graphic Design

She was so patient, so understanding and {so can put on a fake laugh when THIS ONE, ahem me, thinks she's funny}

If you're even thinking of a blogover, I highly recommend this Cindy! She's fantastic!

Any inputs? What do you think of it? Fits me? Too much? You love? You hate? Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!

P.s. The things under construction: {About Me}, {Contact Me} and the Facebook social media button! They will be up and running soon!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wood Wall Signs, my favoritest DIY projects

I would have to be honest and say starting PBJstories blog has been the true take off of my DIY projects.  I've always loved decorating and designing my new homes, but between buying our first home and spreading the fun of decorating on my new blog the DIY projects have really been rolling in.
Originally I was ready to try anything and everything.  A peak back at even my last two months of projects I have done everything from painting, sewing, thrift store makeovers, creating something out of nothing, projects with the hot glue gun {the most damaging for my health fingers}, and my latest obsession: creating anything from wood.

Because I can't cover my whole house in wood, I have taken my love of working with it to making signs of various types...
Wanted to showcase some of the projects I haven't shown before that are up around my house:

{By the way! This is the first reveal I've done of my entryway, still a work in progress because I'm not totally in love with the mirror, and need some more decor for the bottom shelf, but what do you think!?}
Our entryway table also is a landing spot for some super cute decorating I've done that cost me zero dollars!  My big jar which I added some twine and vinyl saying "spare change" to help collect any extra pennies we may have coming into the house, and a big hurricane I filled with seashells and sand.
I'm loving the endless possibilities with wood and decorating!
I have 4 big projects in the process right now with more wood and can't wait to reveal them!
I wanted to link up this post with one of my favorite bloggers who is in the middle of doing a great series working with wood and different finishes. If you're not already familiar with Stephanie@Home check her out now and you can learn about some great finishes she is trying out with scrap wood.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Some much needed blog love!

I have been having a BLAST with my visitors this past week but in doing so, I've been MIA a tad bit from my blog and sending back some love that I've been so kindly blessed with recently. 
So! I want to take tonight to thank some awesome people that have been ever-so-kind lately to PB&Jstories!

A few of my projects have been featured lately so a quick shout out these great ladies:
Laura @ Corner House
Heather @ Inspire Me

Featuring others is one of the greatest aspect of the DIY blogging world.  I love the inspiration, drive, and admiration each of us give to others whether it's words of encouragement, feature spots on their blog, or mentions in the social media world.  Since I began blogging only a short time ago, I've always felt encouraged and inspired by others, and even more proud of the work I've completed thanks to all of you who are so generous with your words of encouragement.  Thank you, not just to those who have featured me, but to everyone that stops by and reads PB&Jstories, you all mean so much to me!

On that note: I'd like to continue my thank you's and pass some loving along to others!

I recently was awarded my first blog award!

{Envision me holding a gold painted paint brush standing on a pile of scrap wood}
"This is so unexpected! I don't even have a speech prepared... I'd let to begin by thanking my parents, my family, my friends, and of course my readers" :) 
But for realsies, Susan @ Project Balancing Act awarded me the "Kreativ Blogger Award" and I think it's just absolutely awesome!
Susan has a fantastic blog about {as you can imagine} finding balance amongst being a mom, work, and life.  We all search for that balance and I love her stories of her adventures.  Plus, I'm LOVING this recent post she did about a lamp revamp she did for her playroom.  So simple, but so awesome

So here's the rules of the award:
1. Copy/paste the Kreativ Blogger Award picture onto your blog
2. Thank the person who awarded it to you and post a link to her/his blog
3. Write 7 things about yourself we do not know
4. Choose 7 other bloggers to award
5. Link to them
6. Notify your 7 bloggers of their award
So here we go:
{scratching my head, seven things ... really}
{1} I have a husband in the military, Navy, and I miss him very  much.  If you're a follower you may have picked up on this but we are a military family, and living away from both of our families who live in MN and we miss very much.  It's been an experience already and only 3 years in.
{2} I have one of the strangest phobias... dairy. Seriously. Hate it. Won't eat most of it, and other stuff won't eat if it expires within a week or so.  YUCK.
{3} I'm a horrible speller, oh you already noticed that? Okay, oh well, still counting it as a point.
{4} When I say {happy dance} I actually do a tiny little happy dance
{5} I have big feet and weirdly jealous of women that can wear jeans that cover their feet.  You don't get that when you have size 11 feet.
{6} I have an older brother and we grew up practically mortal enemies but grew very close a few years ago, now he's one of my best friends.
{7} I have no clue what I'm doing as a blogger really, just trying to keep my head above water and have fun while doing it, and loving the people I'm "meeting" in the meantime.  

Now for the fun part! Spreading the love!
{1} Jaime Lyn @ Crafty Scrappy Happy : Let's just say I landed on her blog and within SECONDS added her to my reader list.  Fell in love with her table that she redid, and have loved every project along the way since {including her past ones}.  Plus she has an awesome giveaway going on right now... check her out. now. go.
{2} Jami @ What the Graham : One of my favorite people I've "met", let's just say we've had a non-stop conversation going since we came across each other's blogs I think.  Adorable dogs, adorable family, and adorable baby bump.  Plus, we have a similar decorating style so I love bouncing off ideas off her! check her out. now. go.
{3} Michelle @ The236 : Great ideas, and great projects.  I love her little bungalow and some of the projects they've redone like the front entry way, GORGEOUS stairs! check her out. now. go.
{4} Jami @ Call Me Blessed : I think of Jami as my breath of fresh air.  She has such a beautiful take on life and faith, and even more beautiful family. She never stops spreading the love she has for her children and family and just makes you remember how much we have to be thankful for.  check her out. now. go.
{5} Angie & Carrie @ 221Vision {Two Friends. Two Cities} : Serious talent. Serious inspiration.  This tandem blog is ran by two best friends who share amazing ideas of their own and others.  It's my go to site for awesome ideas.  Oh plus they're addicted to coffee, wine, and paint; my three vices.  Match-made-in-heaven. check them out. now. go.
{6} Stephanie @ Stephanie@home : Another blogging buddy of mine, I love LOVE this gal's house.  It's so cute, plus they just did a overhaul of their backyard and makes me want to joint them for a glass of wine and relish in their accomplishments of their job-well done.  check her out. now. go.
{7} Kristin @ A Simply Klassic Home : I admire Kristin's style, it's country chic and she pulls it off so well.  She's in the process of big make overs in her house including her master bedroom, daughters bedroom and now onto her son's.  And she does it all with one heck of a budget, but that doesn't limit her beauty and style in any small ways.  Oh! And she does blog design. BONUS! check her out. now. go.
And one last thank you for good measures!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jackson's Corner {3} Dear Daddy

This weekend is a time dedicated to dads everywhere... so wanted to begin it with a post from Jackson's Corner reflecting on some of the center to our PB&J's favorite pictures of Jackson and our family. 

Dear Daddy {Billy}, 
Thank you for being the center to our family and making these memories possible.
Here's to life's messy moments

And to silly faces

Here's to our endless days of playing and watching sports

And our very special Father and Son moments

Here's to our perfect little family

 Here's to those moments of tears

And to life's many years

Here's to relaxing and playing

And here's to welcoming you home

Here's to memories in our new house

And to the endless days of playing together

To memories of happy vacations and family time....

But here's to the saddest of them all

when we have to say goodbye and miss you most of all

It's been an amazing experience being a mother and watching the most precious thing in my life grow up.  But even more so, it's amazing seeing the love of your life being the most amazing dad.

Blog + Makeover = Blogover!

I'm over the top excited {HAPPY DANCE x A MILLION} to have "met" Cindy @ Cinsarah. First, ever so kindly, she featured one of my projects, and then she was the lucky winner of the Cutting Edge Stencil giveaway. 
{It's as though it was fate for us to meet}

This gal has some SERIOUS talent, not just crafts and projects, but her talents extend to her cooking and furthermore her blog designing.  I took a peak at her portfolio, but even both her blog sites speak for themselves at how talented she is in designing.

I recently changed the backdrop of my blog to the pattern that you see now.  As much as I do like it, I'm not in love with it.  I have been itching to have my blog a little more personal, a little more PB&J.  I immediately contacted her asking if she'd please please help me with a "blogover" and redesign my site. 
I love that she really asks you to give her your personality styles and examples of other blogs you enjoy.  I made a little collection to start off with: so here's a sneak peak at the inspiration for my new blogover

She's putting together some ideas as we speak and I'm so excited I can hardly wait!
Stay tuned for some new changes!

Us DIY bloggers are constantly bouncing ideas off each other for projects and crafts... why not use inspiration from their blog designs too!

Anyone have any favorites they've seen on different blog sites?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm a sucka for succulents!

It seems I have jumped on the band wagon for succulents... {or perhaps maybe I've been tied up and dragged behind the wagon}.  But these guys are popping up everywhere it seems, and it amazes me how they can literally grow ANYWHERE.  They seem pretty easy to maintain {at least I'd assume so if people can grow them in sea shells and glass bottles}. 
Here are some ideas I'm obsessed with
This one I am literally dying over! Where do I begin ... complete genius meets creativity!

I'm really hoping soon to find some really cool containers for {of course} cheap and start my own little succulent collection.  I'm envisioning it on my brand new desk {that hasn't even began to be built yet} that'll add a nice touch to the master bedroom.  

Anyone else into these crazy durable plants as much as I am?
I mean I figure you can't go wrong with a plant if it's able to grow in a cork!

P.S. Whoever said taking care of a plant is easier than a child or pet is WAY wrong in my book.  My son is 2 and a half years old and still alive, my record for keeping a plant alive is about 3 months.  However, my son would agree thankfully I have better luck with kids than plants.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

DIY Wood Headboard Tutorial

Along with my obsessions of grays and yellows lately has been the rustic appeal of wood.  Ideally I would have made this headboard out of pallet wood... but I had a miserably failed first attempt at taking apart my pallet.  So in a hissy fit tantrum off to Lowe's I went.  However, in the end, I think choosing brand new wood and making it look old and distressed was a better route for a piece of furniture so close to my head and sleeping space.

The goods:
4 pieces of 1x6x8' of pine wood (cut down to 7', courtesy of Lowe's handymen)
1 piece of 1x6x8' cut down to 20" pieces
1.5" wood screws (small bag)
palm sander with 140grit sandpaper {if you already haven't, invest in one of these!}
wood stain {I used Miniwax special walnut)
random distressing tools (see picture below)

The measurements:
I first started by measuring how high I wanted my headboard to go on the wall and then divided by 5.75" (the true measurement of a x6" piece of wood) letting me know how many boards high I'd need for the headboard (7).  Instead of making the headboard a solid make up of 7 boards high, I knew an upside down U shape would be just as efficient, cut down on costs, and especially, cut down on headache trying to cut around a phone jack and outlet.  Instead I just made the top 4 boards the full 7' in length, and then the remaining 3 boards on each side I cheated and used cut pieces of the wood.
This picture is a clear layout of what the headboard looks like, with the bed pulled away...

Ideally I would have liked the last piece to be lined up and be 20" with the other, but that would have meant buying another board to get the full 20" for both sides.  Instead, I just used one of the 12" pieces left over from cutting it from 8' to 7'.  

I just want to add this imagery for your entertainment:
  Envision me trying to gather four 7' pine boards together while attempting to control my ball of energy 2 year old that is REFUSING to hold my hand or stay near me and make it through the store, checkout and to my car.  Apparently, all the Lowe's sales people preferred to watch me struggle, blow steam from my ears, and scream at a screaming kid while pushing over sized wood through the store, rather than help me.  Ahhhh, being a mother.

The Steps:

First, I sanded down the edges of all the boards using my palm sander.

Then, laying each board where I want them to be once installed, I began the fun part... distressing.
Here's what I used to start "aging" the wood:

A file, hammer, bag of nails, screwdriver

Pretty  much, you can't go wrong during this step. Literally just start banging, jabbing, filing, nailing away.  You can't over do it either, just think of real distressed wood, does it hold back? No!
Here are some before and after shots of what I did, and how it looks after being stained:
{Hint: After you sand and distress use a tack cloth or any other rag and wipe down your boards, make sure they are clean right before you stain!}

{didn't take a specific after shot of the filing, but trust me, it looks awesome}
After some screw driver smashing and with stain:
Again, let me repeat myself.  Don't hold back. Bang, whack, smack, file, nail, chain away {yes even slam chains against it}.  The more character, the better, and stain just makes it all look awesome afterwards.

Now at this point, take a quick break and peek in on your kid,
you may be as lucky as I am and see this:
Rough Life.
I did about two coats of the stain to achieve the darkness I desired. 
Play around and see what you like best.

Next, I brought the boards inside and found where studs were located on each side towards the ends of the boards.  I could have used anchors and screwed directly into any spot on the wall, but I really didn't mind the screws showing and directly into studs just made it so, so much easier. 
I started at the bottom with the 12" piece.  Stacked the two 20" pieces on top with small gaps in between each piece.  I did both sides so my first 7' piece would be able to rest on the lower piece while I screwed each side in, again leaving a small gap in between each piece.
  I Jackson checked each piece with a level to be sure I wouldn't end up with a wonky headboard.  Pretty dang easy at this point, just stack, level, screw, smile, stack, level, screw, smile.  Repeat until headboard is finished!

Overall, a very easy project to do (completed in one afternoon) and I am IN LOVE with the results!
Let me know if you build your own headboard! Would love to hear about it...

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