Saturday, June 11, 2011

Design on a dime...and in short time.

While the husband is away, I am incredibly blessed to have such loving parents, and in laws that they are all making the trip out here to give me a little break, and to hang out and have some fun.  The first wave of visits starts tomorrow, and when I say wave, I mean tidal wave ;) a quick snapshot of what my calendar looks like.

My dad comes tomorrow until Wednesday, then same day my mom is flying in and staying until Sunday... then a short few days later my mother in law and her mom are coming to stay Wednesday to Monday.  I couldn't be anymore estatic, though that means I spent the day cleaning today and getting ready for house guests.

Initially my plan was just to tidy up, do the basic cleaning and just get ready for the guests... when it dawned on me this morning that our third bedroom where each person will be staying looked like this:

So embarrasing. but so true.  That's when I realized I think my plan for all my guests was actually to push aside everything in here... blow up the air mattress and call it a day.
{How did I even let that become a possibility that I'd do that to them, cruelty I tell ya}
But, big problem was I still had to grocery shop, clean the house and do a bunch of errands and the guests start arriving tomorrow.  Not only that but we just don't have any extra money to put into decorating the third bedroom right now.  So I had no time, and no money to complete a bedroom makeover.
{Challenge Accepted}

I started by organizing all the crap that was just thrown in there.  Thought about gathering the massive heap of books and running off to a used book store to sell them and use the {probably} $20 in cash I'd get to buy something pretty for the room. 
But then realized, books + bookshelf = something pretty. 
After some organizing, and a quick look around the room I noticed how oddly placed the windows were . The one that you can see in the picture is off centered in the main wall of the room.  Then on the wall to the right, there's another window but it's pushed up against the far right side.  Interesting
I did a quick mental snapshot of the room and decided on a layout. 
Dealing with the budget and time constraints I knew the air mattress was going to be the bed for each person while they were here so blew that up and put into place.  Gathered up some accessories and decor pieces that we still have from our previous place but haven't put up in our new house yet {ahhh the joys of changing color schemes and being left with odd items}. 
After returning home after some errands and a few things I allowed myself to purchase for the room I completed the revamp at about 5pm. 

The design on a dime {and in a short time} Guest Bedroom revamp:

The breakdown:
Total cost: $49.00
Total time: About 2 hours {organizing, cleaning and decorating}

What I did:
*The bed is where almost all my cost was put into.  I only had mismatched linens for the air mattress and some old pillows.  Figured money spent on some new pillows and linens would be the most acceptable spot to spend any cash.  Bought two new pillows ($5 each), pillow cases ($10) and a new comforter ($25).
*To make the air mattress feel a little more "bed" like I used the side of Jackson's old crib that we took off when we converted it to a big boy bed.  THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS. The air mattress headboard is the side of a crib. {Genius moment}
*Then to make the non-centered window appear to be centered, I used a window curtain rod that is extra, extra, extra long previously used on a living room very large window.  I installed it about two and a half feet beyond the window on the left side, and about two feet on the right side.  I actually happen to have a set of the grey/green stripped curtains, and the brown curtains not being used so I layered them up to extend the widths of the panels.
*I flipped the bookshelf to a wall that didn't have any windows so it could be its own focal point.  Loaded it with the insane amount of books we had, and topped it off with random decor items and pictures we had.
*The nightstand is actually one I'm trying to sell and is listed on Craigslist, and the frames are clearance items I purchased a while ago to go on my new desk in the master {well, once I get the new desk, someday}.
*My last $4 was spent on the two new flower stems for the vase.
Is it the perfect guest bedroom? No... The color scheme is a little eclectic {reds, greys, yellows} and isn't a completely cohesive room, but it's far better than what they were going to be staying in. 

So that was my Saturday rendition of "Design on a dime ... {and in a short time}
Hope my guests will be happy in their prettier room!


  1. Hey it's wonderful. My last visit was with packing boxes. LOL. We will enjoy it as our visit will be with you and Jackson and what more can oe ask for. Countig the days. Love mom

  2. looks great! I can't believe you did it all on such a small budget.

  3. Hi Pamela- since I like your blog so much, it was my pleasure to pass along a Kreativ Blog award to you! Scroll down on my post here for details:

    :) Susan

  4. Ok, you are a rockstar! It looks great!

  5. Seriously so impressive! And done in record time. I bow to you! {hat tipped}

  6. Seriously that looks amazing! We have a room that's going to be our guest room/office/craft room and though everyone is commenting on how clean it is (much messier than your rooms previous state) it's a much better place than the hoarders set up we had. You couldn't walk in the room or even shut the door!


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