Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Good" but not good enough {Mission: Pantry Makeover}

Let me begin by saying my husband and I are very lucky to have found the house that we bought as our "First Home".  It's a brand new construction, open floor plan, never been lived in house... and the builder left {almost} no detail to spare.  We have the wood floors, the crown molding, cherry cabinets, "new age" fire place (the kind where the heat and image are separate).  It is a beautiful home.

But. No home is safe from me. 
I will find projects to tackle even if there aren't any seen to the untrained average eye. 

One of the biggest projects I'm attempting to tackle on my own will be the pantry makeover
{more like takeover}.
Our living space on the first floor is one big open floor plan with a breakfast bar separating the kitchen with the living room/dinning area.  Just off the kitchen is our pantry, and it is a LARGE pantry.
Closed, it is a beautiful double door pantry that takes up an entire wall in itself.
Open, it is a even larger attraction, with 5 shelves and ample storage area...
to the average eye this pantry is great.
But to me, every time I open the doors, I have a little screaming match inside my head. 

I have to warn you of these "now" pictures... you see glimpses of my house and it is not in any kind of show and tell condition.  It is in the "I've been home with a sick two year old for two days and haven't had energy to clean or put things away" condition.

My list of hates:
(1) The Rubbermaid plastic shelves {have to go}
(2) the open exposure of everything
(3) the shelves are slightly too close together and I have to tip some cereal boxes to get them in

As you can see it also is partial arts/crafts closet too.
Let me back up just a bit so you can really sense the size and presence of this pantry...

{View from kitchen}

{View from living area}

Please ignore the large abudance of kids toys/belongings and massive piles of craft stuff... oye I'm messy without my husband around.

So that's my large and in charge pantry...
and I have officially decided to do a entire make over on it.
This project will NOT be thrifty...
WILL be a pain in my tushy...
WILL test my planning and organization skills....
WILL make my question myself almost every step of the way as to why I thought it was a good idea to begin....
and probably will NOT be done in the best way possible, but will be done in the best way I can think of ways to do it.

I'm sure to most of the population out there... this will be a nonsense project that will take up too much time, energy, and extra money because "as is" the pantry is functional, and does as it's supposed too.
But, not for this gal. Not once I saw pantries can look like this:




See what I mean? Peace. Organization. Happiness. Beautiful.

What my take over will entail:
(1) Removing plastic shelves {for sale, anyone want!?}
(2) Painting  Finding the perfect shade to compliment the blue/grey walls in the LR and brown of the entryway
(3) Paint with perfect color
(4) Stencil with my brand new Cutting Edge Stencil! YAY!
(5) Install new solid white wood shelves
(6) Organize. Organize. Organize.
(7) Keep organizing.
(8) Do {happy dance}!

Keep in mind, I'm doing this all while working a 40hrs a week job, raising a two year old, and intermixing all the other 892374 projects I have going on.  And I will be doing this ALONE. That's right folks, no husband around to help out, especially with all the wood working and building of shelves. It's all on me.

Want to place bets?
Who thinks I'll crash and burn? Any takers? What about rejoice with endless happy dances?

Stay tuned... I'll keep the updates coming.

P.S! For returning readers {even newbies!}: do we like the new background/layout? It's a work in progress so I apologize for any bumps along the way... but working on html coding and we all know how that goes.  But I'd love some feedback if you like it now?


  1. I think you will rejoice. That sounds like a fun project to me! I have someone coming on thursday to help me organize my closet. I think the before and after pics will be pretty crazy. It's too overwhelming for me to do on my own. Good luck girl, can't wait to see ;)

  2. Good luck and have fun. You will do a great job. This i know.

  3. Can't wait to see how this turns out!! Also, I'm loving the blog makeover!

  4. Oh gosh...we're about to reach this phase too. Of course ours is totally empty and brand new! Those pictures were my inspiration too! Good luck! You'll have to share any secrets you come across and I'll share what I find! I do recall getting the vibe that we were buying the wood and drilling the holes (to make adjustable) ourselves to save some money.


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