Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm a sucka for succulents!

It seems I have jumped on the band wagon for succulents... {or perhaps maybe I've been tied up and dragged behind the wagon}.  But these guys are popping up everywhere it seems, and it amazes me how they can literally grow ANYWHERE.  They seem pretty easy to maintain {at least I'd assume so if people can grow them in sea shells and glass bottles}. 
Here are some ideas I'm obsessed with
This one I am literally dying over! Where do I begin ... complete genius meets creativity!

I'm really hoping soon to find some really cool containers for {of course} cheap and start my own little succulent collection.  I'm envisioning it on my brand new desk {that hasn't even began to be built yet} that'll add a nice touch to the master bedroom.  

Anyone else into these crazy durable plants as much as I am?
I mean I figure you can't go wrong with a plant if it's able to grow in a cork!

P.S. Whoever said taking care of a plant is easier than a child or pet is WAY wrong in my book.  My son is 2 and a half years old and still alive, my record for keeping a plant alive is about 3 months.  However, my son would agree thankfully I have better luck with kids than plants.

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  1. Hahaha!! Love your last statement...better luck with kids than plants! You're too funny. I LOVE succulents and it's because I pretty much cant kill them unless I don't water them, like ever. Did you see mine on my mantel? In my summer mantel post...


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