Friday, June 3, 2011

Jackson's Corner {2} It's a messy world out there

We have been working on potty training here and there for the past couple months.  We bought the potty, we got some books, we made routine trips to the potty.
Then one night I got to jump up and down and do a VERY BIG {HAPPY DANCE!} ... first time in the potty!  I thought that was the beginning... everything was just going to roll on from there...
but then a few days passed...then a few weeks... and now couple months later, we've only made it to the potty a handful of times. {big sigh}
Well, this week... we started the "next phase" of training... We brought out the big guns big boy underwear!

Let's just say there's been...

and to put it rated "G" for you guys.... lots of this...

We're going through about 3 or 4 outfits a day...

but I will say... we've also increased the amount of successes on the potty!
And for every job well done on the potty.... he gets to reach into the {BIG BOY POTTY TREATS JAR}

No one said being a momma was an easy job... in fact, sometimes it's just down right messy... but hey someone's gotta do it!

Any momma's out there of boys that have some fabulous tips on this ever-so-messy topic!? I'd love to hear them because it's a fighting battle over here and it's him against me... I need all the support I can get :) He puts up a good fight.


  1. Yes, yes...lots of outfit changes, but at least you are getting some super cute pictures out of the deal! ;)

    And sorry, I don't have any tips for you...but please make a mental note of the tips that you get so that you can pass them along to me in a couple years! ;)

    Wait...I think our cousin Dharma said something to Courtney about putting the potty in the room you spend the most time in and maybe letting them run around with no clothes or underwear? Although that sounds like it could cause lots of messes that aren't as easy as to clean up as throwing clothes in a wash machine!

  2. so funny! Advice... well I have only done it once so far. It worked pretty well. He was 2 and a half at the time and I just said ok no more diapers during the day. The potty followed us around to every room. Oh, he really liked doing it standing up much better. Ok this may be too much info but its pretty cute. so I put his potty back to the wall and had him put his hands on the wall above it, kind of like he is being frisked by the police? With the you know what pointing directly into the center of the potty. Then I would throw a cheerio into it and tell him to pee on it. And of course lots of CANDY!! He thought that was pretty great. I have thrown more random items into the potty to get him to pee. I am a little scared about potty training the twins... it could be ugly come christmas time.... that is when they turn 2 and a half. Gonna have to stock up on my germ off wipes:)

  3. ok just read my comment, the cheerio went into the potty, not the candy:) That was for after!

  4. Oh friend I wish I had some wise words. I'm on my 3rd kid potty training and it's not any easier. He just turned 3 and we've had a couple successes here and there but over all it's not happening. I've decided I'm not gonna stress about it! He'll do it eventually, they all do ;)
    PS, those pictures are GREAT!!!

  5. @Sarah, Three Boys

    I laughed right out loud when I read your first comment at the candy part... I knew what you meant tho :)

    Thanks for the tips... maybe we'll try target practice tomorrow

  6. @Jami

    I promised myself in the beginning I would not scold, I would not get mad, I would not make this a battle.
    I try to stay true to it and know he will eventually get it... I know in my heart I will not be packing diapers for him as he leaves for college :)

  7. Oh my goodness the pictures are amazing!! And love this blog post! Hang in are one amazing mom!!


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