Friday, June 17, 2011

Jackson's Corner {3} Dear Daddy

This weekend is a time dedicated to dads everywhere... so wanted to begin it with a post from Jackson's Corner reflecting on some of the center to our PB&J's favorite pictures of Jackson and our family. 

Dear Daddy {Billy}, 
Thank you for being the center to our family and making these memories possible.
Here's to life's messy moments

And to silly faces

Here's to our endless days of playing and watching sports

And our very special Father and Son moments

Here's to our perfect little family

 Here's to those moments of tears

And to life's many years

Here's to relaxing and playing

And here's to welcoming you home

Here's to memories in our new house

And to the endless days of playing together

To memories of happy vacations and family time....

But here's to the saddest of them all

when we have to say goodbye and miss you most of all

It's been an amazing experience being a mother and watching the most precious thing in my life grow up.  But even more so, it's amazing seeing the love of your life being the most amazing dad.


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  2. Oh geez...I'm going to blame it on the pregnancy but you totally had me crying! This is precious!


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