Friday, June 10, 2011

Jackson's Corner {3} My little helper

As Jackson grows older some of my favorite things in life are noticing the changes he is making.  He puts more and more words together to make sentences . He makes it a point that he knows what he wants now.  He has started to have a real imagination, and pretends like his bff Mo the Monkey is a character in his scenes he acts out.  

 He has also started to help momma out with some of her projects:

Being my second set of eyes to keep things level

Helping with a second coat of paint

And ready to water the grass whenever needed

But one of my FAVORITE things to catch him doing is being the little perfect angel I know him to be...
I made this little corner for him in our living room and I absolutely LOVE
when I'm busy working on a project and I peek in on him and find him {on his own}
working on some masterpieces


and keeping things tidy

This little play area is absolutely amazing.  I can't help but smile that he is just able to help himself to his markers, crayons and chalk {for the chalkboard table} whenever he feels artistic.
I always feel like it makes him look so grown up and {fingers crossed} he has yet to abuse the ability to draw with markers and crayons without supervision. 
{Haven't had to break out the magic eraser on the walls quite yet}


He makes every minute of the day I spend with him a joy.

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  1. Once again I see that you embrace motherhood with all your heart. You are such a wonderful mom and you are teaching Jackson to be such a good helper. I am so glad you will have these wonderful memories. Jackson is amazing that he hasn't try wall art out yet but I am sure he would even help clean that up when de decides to give it a try. LOL. I love you both.

  2. He is just like his mother when he concentrates he sticks out his tongue. :) Loves!

  3. I love how you hung the pails for his art supplies. So, so cute! Your little guy is so adorable and such a great little helper. You're lucky that you can trust him with crayons and kids, no way!LOL I want to see that wood project he's leveling!!


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