Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My diamonds in the rough

I try to keep my Goodwill, thrift stores and garage sale stops limited to the weekend otherwise I'd probably never make it to work during the week.  Every time I drive by one I think to myself {but..what if the perfect find is in there right now! Calling my name out!}
It's bad. It's an addiction. 

Usually, I stick to this plan. But not today, but today was the exception because today I found my diamonds in the rough!  These are the kind of finds that make the previous 75 stops at garage sales and Goodwills and leave with nothing, worth it. 

As per usual, I was driving home from picking J up from daycare and attempting my best to distract J with songs like BINGO and Old McDonald so he doesn't just sit there repeating "I'm hungry. I'm hungry. I'm hungry. Let's have pizza" when suddenly like a crazy person I scream out OH MY GOD!
I spy'd with my little eyes a big massive beautiful white table on the side of the road with a big "garage sale" next to it. Like the crazy person I am....I slam on my brakes and look for the first place to make a U turn and whip around.

There were so many little goodies just waiting to be picked up! There was a beautiful vintage table top fan, two awesome oars {would have fit perfectly in my nautical themed bathroom}, and a great magazine rack but I forced myself to not get distracted and clear out this garage sale by myself. 

The table/cabinet/nightstand was as great as I was hoping.  It was oversized and had lady curves, exactly what I've been looking for!  Then I noticed an awesome black bench too. 
With a smile beaming from my face {I have a horrible poker face} I asked the gentleman how much for the cabinet ($25) and how much for the bench ($15) ... {internal happy dance!} .... "I'll give you $30 for both.... SOLD! {actual happy dance!}

Look at these beauties!
The butcher block was an added bonus! Guess the cost of that... FREE!

The cabinet makes me a tiny bit nervous because it's going to take a little more than just sanding, primer and paint... it actually has some issues that need fixing.  Just another opportunity to learn more about redoing furniture though!  The left door doesn't close (no clue why, it's bigger than the spacing allows?) Also, the bottom board needs to be replaced.
But I am in oh so love with her... and she will be a perfect companion to the current nightstand in our room.
{Sorry Chuckerella, that officially means you'll be getting sold} 

Am I the only one that feels thrift stores actually call out to me if I don't stop at them every day?


  1. the bench is AMAZING! :) fab find for sure! :)

  2. Ahhhh I love it! We totally are bloggin BFFs because I agree I would never get anything done during the week if I "allowed" myself to "search for treasures" at thrift stores and garage sales all week long! And I also totally totally know what you mean about the poker face---I always make my husband do the bargaining for me! LOVE your find! Can't wait to see what you will do with them!
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy


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