Thursday, June 2, 2011

My garden stool steal

Ceramic garden stools have been popping up everywhere... and they're so versatile and great!

{sources: pins from pinterest}

Use it as a table, use it in the garden, the entryway, as a foot stool, simple decor, the options are endless.  What you'll also find with these bad boys are quite a large price tag.  Average price when you search Google Shopping is $150 + some even as high as $400.  {YOWZER!}
I figured they would just be an item on my high priced style board of items I dreamed wish I owned.

Then recently during one of my weekend shopping escapades I noticed up high on a shelf that diamond in the rough that we all hope to score when we're out shopping!
A lonely glossy black garden stool. 
He seemed to have had a rough life up until now,
he was abused, scratched, dented, and been chipped away in spots. 
He had a big red line drawn across his price tag... but that red line meant saving big bucks for me!
His new price tag: $15!
He was an exact replica of all the high end ceramic garden stools I've seen online,
but with a far better price tag,
{before pictures}

{ahem, dont mind my reflection in the first picture}

I took my time, and began with spray paint primer.  I applied each layer sparingly because I didn't want to have any drip lines from the smooth base.  I ended up doing about 5 layers in total with primer to be sure the black wouldn't show through to the final white paint layers.  I thought about sanding it down a bit to have the paint something to grab onto, but didn't want to risk chipping away more paint where it had been chipped.

{After about 3 layers of primer}
As I said I did it sparingly so even at 3 layers you could still see a lot of black showing through.  By the 5th layer, it was pretty much all covered up.

Then I began the glossy white spray painting.  I LOVE glossy white spray paint.
I think I have at least 654161 cans {ok more like 4} on hand at all times. 
{Honestly, everything looks better when finished with it. Easiest fix for junk finds turned to absolute treasures

I did about 4 layers of white spray paint, with long enough drying time in between too.

Not looking so rough now is he!

I finished it off with a layer of varnish to give it a little extra protection...
{just used what I had on hand}

The trick to varnish especially on a glossy finish is to attempt to only do one layer over a certain spot once.  The more you repeat over the same spot, those little pesky bubbles start showing up.  Thin layers, ample drying time, and patience.  However, for my stool I just did one layer over the top and towards the bottom just for a little extra protection from scratches.

PSSST! this is the first sneak peak at my entry way make over!  Hope to finish it soon and do a big reveal but in the process of a big project for it... more updates to come.

$15                                                                  $169 plus S/H

{Happy dance!}

How about you guys?  Any thrifty make overs lately that got you dancing?!

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  1. WOWZA!!! Amazing find, super jealous!


  2. Just wonderful! I am your newest follower!! I am so excited to have "met" you through my blog so that I could find yours I look forward to being inspired! (Your comment on my blog really made my day thank you!!!
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

  3. Very nice job. I know how easy those drips can happen and especially the bubble.. Such patience.

  4. I'm amazed at everything you post Pam. You are a gem.

  5. Cute blog. Love the project you did!

  6. Hello blog friend just wanted to tell you I featured you on my blog today :) and yes we can totally be blogging bffs!

  7. Look at you! You seem to have the spray paint tricks down! I definitely had a bunch of drip lines on my painting this weekend! Boo! I need to work on my lighter application technique!

  8. I had been searching last week if anyone had done this...and then randomly found you today...awesome!

  9. Thanks for the tutorial and tips , i have two ceramic garden stools that I've been wanting to paint but wasn't sure the spray paint would stick.

    1. Just be sure to be patient, use primer, and sealer, take your time and you should love your results!


  10. I'm so glad I found your tutorial on painting this ceramic stool. I got a blue stool last summer for $15 (at Homegoods) but wasn't crazy about the color. So I have it sitting on my patio and not in my house. I'm going to use your method of painting her so she can come back inside :)

    Thank you!


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