Sunday, June 26, 2011

My something from nothing {almost} DIY project

I haven't disappeared! I'm still here!
I've been having a blast with all my visitors the past couple weeks, but life has been keeping me busy enough I haven't been able to get on the computer and write about it all.

Just wanted to say a quick hi to everyone,
and a quick brag tutorial on a little project I did recently for some easy-peasy table top decor.

When I'm not shopping at Goodwill's and thrift stores, my favorite runner up places to go are Home Goods & Marshall's and I go directly to the clearance aisles. 
One of my latest finds was this vase:

When I saw it was originally a $35 vase - marked to Home Good's price of $15 and then clearance'd down to $4.50 I grabbed it knowing it'd be perfect for a spray paint make over.
I started by giving it a light sanding so the primer would stick better {also helps prevent any drips of the primer because it has something to hold onto}.
Then I started spraying away with my spray paint primer.  If I remember correctly, I did about two light coats.
Next came the paint! I instantly new this wonky shaped vase would be beautiful and an excellent addition to my Master Bedroom makeover in my latest obsession accent color of YELLOW.
I did a few light layers of my bright yellow spray paint...

{Anyone else suddenly craving jelly beans?!}

Next vision I had for this was actually NOT flowers, but I pictured something a little more "rustic" to accessorize the theme of our bedroom.
I {okay, truth, I told my coworker one day during work to go outside and find "cool shaped" branches for me... and she actually did} So, my coworker gathered up some branches from the amazing store called, "The Great Outdoors, aka Nature". 
After seeing them in the vase I knew something they needed a little TLC.

I sanded each branch down to remove any ickyness {I really am not sure what those black specks are and was not willing to wait and find out if they were eggs of some sort}.

Then to help preserve the branches and help eliminate rotting I applied a clear varnish to each of the branches.

Afterwards I laid them out for a good couple coats of glossy white paint {like I'd ever use anything else}.
Once they dried I assembled my free arrangement into my $4.50 brand new vase and sat back and admired.

{Happy Dance}!

{Anyone notice the non-stenciled curtains in the background?... I'll finish those eventually, I swear!}
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  1. Um precious! Stop being productive geez!!

  2. I'm loving the color combo of ray and yellow lately, too. Love that you sprayed the branches white and they look fantastic in the newly painted vase. I always find goodies in the clearance aisles too!! Can't wait to see the whole room!!!

  3. Love it!! Yellow is fabulous!

  4. Hello blog friend! I love your project, I am loving your new blog look too! I am so excited for you!!!! Ohhh how I wish we could craft together!

  5. Great find Pamela. Fun and funky shape vase. That is a great thought on how to preserve the branches. Such a fun project.

  6. Hey Pamela! :) So glad you liked my laundry room makeover, thanks for your comments.
    OH YES it was budget friendly!(except for the washer and dryer...but that was income tax money) :) The flooring was black peel and stick and cost $60, the dresser was a goodwill find that I re-did and it was $15, the cabinets were from Habitat Restore and cost $25. each, the board and batton is just pre-primed MDF from Lowes and the whole room cost ..I think it was $80, and the paint was $20 from Lowes (with coupon)....I'd say that was pretty budget friendly. :) The accessories were pretty cheap too. I always do things on a budget. If you wanna see all those things I mentioned, I have links back to them in the laundry room post.
    Your vase turned out the white branches! :)
    have a great week

  7. Looks awesome! I hope you will share at my party! : )

  8. Great job. I love the pop of color! I would be thrilled if you shared this project at my link party.

    Thanks for the creative inspiration.
    carolyn | homework

  9. Lovin the fun yellow on the vase! And it has such a nice, organic shape, too. Great job.

  10. So beautiful! Love the yellow on the vase. The organic shape is unique! Your space is very creative!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)


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