Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Secrets of a DIYer {#1}

This is the first "Secrets of a DIYer" link up party! First want to thank everyone that has come by, especially to those that have shared a secret!

What exactly is this link up party you're asking?

Well, there is 101+ million link up parties every day of the week that allows everyone to showcase their talents and projects they've completed.  And that's wonderful, we all love the parties, and we all partake {including myself}.

This is my spin on a link up party that I thought would be a fun change of pace!
 {Secrets of a DIYer}

Motivated by my obsession of Pinterest one of my boards is dedicated to tips and tricks, and I love seeing all these little known secrets that have spread through the Pinterest world.
Here's your chance to spread your knowledge of a secret DIY tip or trick.  Link up to your {specific} post where you share your tip or trick and spread your helpful knowledge to others.
Remember though, this party is about tips and tricks, not tutorials.  So try and make your post specifically about the secret.
Let me further explain:
Instead of linking up to your newly painted living room... link up to a specific post you shared about a painting tip that you do, that others may not know.
Instead of linking up to a post about your DIY'd Goodwill dresser... share a secret about an easy way you clean your paint brushes.

Catchin' on? GREAT!

Let me begin by sharing one!
Originally seen a while ago {didn't think to pin it then.. and can't find it now}
A simple trick to help with messy paint pouring... Nailing holes into the lip of the paint can, so paint drips back down into the can instead of pooling in the lip..

{no more messy paint cans}
So simple... So genius

Let the party begin!

Let's remember common Link Up etiquette...
*remember to submit the direct link to your post, not the general link to your blog

*try to visit as many other posts as you can, and learn their secret in the process.
*please please link up your tip using the "I shared a secret" button available on my side bar
or a text link works too


  1. What in the h is a link up and how does one do one?

  2. @Amelia's Mom

    WELL apparently no one was as excited about my link up party as I was...
    but if you're an avid DIY style blogger follower like I am then you'd be very familiar with link up parties.
    If you click on the page of my main site that says "features and link up parties" you'll see examples of what they are.
    They're hosted by an a blogger, and they're a chance to link up your specific post about that particular project. You click on the link at the end of the link up party that says link up here... and submit your specific blog post.


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