Saturday, June 4, 2011

A sneak peak at my Saturday project, {DIY Wood Headboard}

It's not often I'll spend a whole Saturday doing one long project because I try to spend my weekends paying attention to the little man in my life. 
But today, today was dedicated to a project I was determined to start and complete in one day.

Since I am redoing our master bedroom, I only want to sneak peak each project until I can voila the whole shabang!  So far you've seen one nightstand make over {Chuckerella}, you've seen the painted curtains and now you can see my DIYed wood headboard!
You can also spy a little sneak peak of my second nightstand make over...
which I am in love with how it turned out!

Also introducing in the picture is our brand new paint color on our walls!

To me... it's the perfect grey, no underlying hues of blue or green.  I searched long and hard for a {true} grey that wouldn't change colors on me depending on the lighting. 

Just to help you appreciate the small changes I've made so far... this was our room literally just a few short weeks ago.  {Wall color was this sage shade of green, little hard to tell in the picture}
This is one of the many "before" pictures

{Ohhh... the sadness...ohhh the horror}

And another quick sneak peak of some changes and the new headboard


I still have a long way until our bedroom will be completed
Still left on the to do list:
- make a new desk
- organize an "office area" in the bedroom
- find new curtains for our biggest window in the room
- purchase new TV {our chunky hunky TV needs to go}
- change up the lighting if possible
 - complete an art piece for the wall
- new bed linens
- make lots of fun new throw pillows

I will post a tutorial for the headboard soon... for now, I'm just gonna do my {happy dance}.

Can you believe I managed to do it all in one day...

What were your weekend projects this weekend?


  1. I absolutely LOVE the headboard!!! Makes me wish I had gone that route instead of the shutter. I had changed my mind halfway through my makeover and then decided there was no more $$ to spend on wood. :( Next time! Until then, I can just covet yours!! :)

  2. I love the headboard, Pam! Thanks for the sneak peak :) You're great.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEE the wood headboard!!!! I can't wait to see the room it looks amazing already! LOVE the old wood look great job! And what a cutie little man you have!

  4. LOVING it!!! :) I have been seeing stuff like this on Pinterest lately, and you actually DID it! AMAZING!

    And as for my weekend project - it was SPRAY PAINT! But you already know that!

  5. Great headboard! And I love your drapes too.

  6. I LOVE the headboard! I've been wanting to make something similar, I can't wait for the tutorial! I'm your newest follower. I would love it if you followed me back at

    Paige :)

  7. I love the character the old wood adds in your room! Good job!

  8. This is SO gorgeous, you did an awesome job! I'm in the process of doing a headboard as well (well, after the frame is done so my mattress is off the floor) I'd LOVE to know where you got your duvet/comforter/quilt!


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