Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation Time

Just wanted to pop in and give a heads up.... DIY posts will temporary be on vacation, while I myself will be on vacation.  Until we return, here's a joyous picture to remind you... 
Once in a while, take a look around.  Relish in the beauty.  Breathe in the fresh air.  Enjoy the happy moments.

I'm hoping to do an update or two while on vacation but they will not be about projects, they will be about the amazing joy of being with our family and friends. 

Don't worry, the projects will return in {full force} when I return in just under two weeks!



  1. I could probably find a project or two for you to debute from Minneapolis if your fans need a fix. You know how unselfish I am. :)

    Love, Alix (aka...Glamma)

  2. Have Fun Pamela!! Don't worry about us your fans!! :) We will be here when you get back ;)

    btw I love that picture!! I can't wait till I go on Vacay! I need it!!

  3. I hope I get a chance to see you while you are here!!!


Love hearing back from my readers, you make my day! Thanks, Pamela of PBJstories

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