Friday, July 15, 2011

Jackson's Corner {4} MN Trip

I have had such a busy week back I haven't even had time to share some stories about our trip back to Minnesota. I figured Friday's "Jackson's Corner" would be a perfect time to post some pictures and share some of our adventures.  We had a jam packed week and a half while back in Minnetonka, MN and visited lots of family.  We are very lucky that my parents, and Billy's parents live about 6 streets apart from one another so when we travel back to MN we really get to see everyone at once.
I have a brother who has a son that is one year older than Jackson, his name is Aidan and he lives with his mom in San Diego, CA so our family doesn't get to see him often at all.  It worked our perfectly that he was home staying with my brother while we went back to MN so not only did Jackson get to see his Uncle Jonny, but we were so lucky to also see Aidan.  My brother and I have grown very close over the past couple years and I love that though we were far apart in age, our kids are so close in age to one another.
 Billy's sister has a daughter, Amelia, who is just two weeks older than Jackson.  I'm very close with my sister-in-law and am very lucky to have someone I think of as a best friend as in-law. 

The different dynamics of Jackson with his two different cousins is unbelievable.  When Aidan and J play, they're 150% all boy.  There will be dinosaur growls, trucks and trains running into each other, chasing and pushing, baseball being played and dirt being thrown.  When he's with Amelia, they play so sweet and friendly together.  They share really well, they are constantly giggling, holding hands and he even does his fair share of letting his girly side show and loves to wear Amelia's clothes {that kid will do anything for attention}.
{No I'm not that cruel mom that dresses her son in girl clothes for my enjoyment.... he wants this on his own, he loves her sandals, her sunglasses, her pj's and her dresses...he actually threw a half hour fit because I wouldn't let him go to bed in her dress}
"Jaxy" & "yaya" {what they call each other, J nicknamed Amelia on his own when he was about 1&half... it instantly stuck} melt our hearts whenever they're playing together...
Most days were spent in my parent's pool.  I was never a big swimmer, but with Jackson as my child I have NO choice.  This kid is a natural born swimmer. It's ridiculous.  With no swimming lessons or anything he loved the water from day one, and has ZERO fear.  He jumps in, goes under water without plugging nose, swims the lengths of the pool, even if he chokes on water he'll burp it up and continue on his way.  I can't even keep up with him.. granted he does has the flippers feet for swimming!

{his little pet froggy... have I mentioned he's all boy}
The first half of the trip home was spent with my half of the family where we celebrated the 4th of July.  My mom cooked a delicious meal and we had lots of family fun time just hanging around the house...

J, me, Amber {brothers girlfriend}, Aidan, Jon {my brother}, and my dad, Mom was taking the picture
We attempted like 500 times to get a picture of all of us smiling at the camera... just didn't happen.

The second half of the week was spent with Billy's family up north.  They have an adorable cabin just outside of Detroit Lakes and when his family has a family gathering, it's not a simple handful of people... we're talking a GATHERING.  There was a total of about 30 of us sleeping in a cabin, a camper, tents, and a bunk house.  Again I spent the weekend in the water with Jackson...
 {Jumping off on his own from the water trampoline while hanging out with Sam, Shannon and Gpa Cookie...}

{Hanging at the end of the dock with his cousins}

{Catching fishies with Grandpa Cookie}
One of the most fun things J and I did though was go tubing

I've never heard a 2 year old belly laugh for as long as J did while tubing... He LOVED it!!
The faster, and over more bumps we went, he just laughed harder...
I swear, that's not typical of a 2 year old.  He has NO fear.

All said and done this is how J & I felt after these past few weeks...
We are so lucky to have such amazing families and to be able to visit back home as often as we get too.



  1. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo. Miss you guys like crazy! Move back home...mmm k?

  2. I second Amelia''s mom. Xoxoxoxoxoxox. Miss you two so very much. It was fun reading about your visit with all of us.

  3. Reading it made it fun all over again. Glamma.

  4. Your trip looked amazing. You look like you have an amazing and fun-filled family!


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