Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jackson's Corner {5}

It's been a couple weeks since I've done an updated Jackson's Corner so I figured it was about time, and even though they're typically done on Fridays I figure better late than never.
One of my biggest procrastinations is our back yard lawn care.  We are still trying to grow grass and with temps hitting 100+ every single day, it's not going great.  And if I don't wake up and mow the lawn right away on Saturday or Sundays... it doesn't get done because it gets too hot out.  Luckily this morning, motivation hit my upside the head, and I got up early, mowed the lawn and cleaned up the edges with the weed wacker {god I hate that thing}.  The other task that I have yet to do this summer, but has been creeping up on me for maintenance is our brand new fence.  We installed a white vinyl fence around our backyard, and since we are still trying to grow grass there's a lot of dirt still around and splashes back up onto the fence every time it rains.  Also, every time I mow the lawn it stains the bottoms of the fence green... So I knew I needed to take a scrub brush and clean it up before it started looking really bad. 

Typically when I mow the lawn J hangs out inside watching a movie, he isn't a fan of the lawn mower.  I don't blame him.  After that was all done and he saw me playing using the water he ran outside and wanted to "momma help me" "momma help me" "momma help me" {his version of Momma I'll help, and he repeats everything until you say it back to him}. 
So I put the guy to work and away we went

 {Gotta love his look of determination here}
We eventually got it done... takes a little longer when whatever I'm doing, is what he wants to do.  So whether I'm spraying the fence with the hose or scrubbing it we kept having to switch back and forth every 10 seconds.  {Sometimes where I get my patience amazes me}

Another Jackson update:   Couple weeks ago I wrote about our night time struggle we were battling... and trying to get him back into routine and to stay in his own bed at night.  Well after a week and a half of constant all night battles and him ending up in my bed every single night, things FINALLY took a turn for the better.

From what it seems every parent has dealt with this phase from their kids, and it's almost always about this age it happens so in a way it was nice to know this was a common phase kids go through.  However, just with every single other situation of a kid's life, in order to find a solution you have to find what works with your child.  It's great getting advice from other parents, but mostly I take it as a form of support since I am here battling this by myself.  I've known since J was born that he does NOT do as the books write about or as other kids do. I've always had to find solutions that work just for Jackson.  Well, in this case, I got lucky that Jackson may be stubborn, and may not need as much sleep as other kids (stopped taking naps at about 1&half for me) but he has never been a climber {KNOCK ON WOOD}! And that is why my solution for staying in bed worked...I changed his big boy bed, back into a crib! 

When I said I was going to do it I heard from a handful of mom and dad's, "it won't work... he'll just climb out in two seconds... that's what ours did".  I took the risk, and the first night was a little rough, he cried right away for about an hour, and then at 2am for about an hour, and woke up extremely early.  Night #2, he cried for about 15 minutes... and that was it for the night.  Night #3, cried honestly for about 5 seconds, and by night #4 all was silent.  {HAPPY DANCE}! 

He is still in his crib.... but he seems fine with it and I'm just going to wait it out a week longer probably before switching back to his big boy bed.  Who knows, maybe we'll go new bed shopping and he'll get to pick out a brand new bed :)

Wish I had some more adorable pictures to post of J but he has been in a very anti-picture mode lately.

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  1. I have a 2 1/2 yr old and he does the same thing with repeating things until you say them too. Sometimes it's cute, but other times, I'm like, "Yes! Airplane!" Your son looks adorable in his pics!


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