Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life VS DIY Projects .. the battle of being a parent

{About 10pm... 3 hours past bedtime}
This past month has been a time for family and friends, and it has been great seeing everyone.  We arrived back to our home on Sunday evening (after a typical long day of delayed flights and airport layovers).  I thought Jackson would be excited to go back to daycare to see all his friends, and back to his big boy bed at night.
I've been terribly wrong.
In a way, I've been "waiting" for him to enter a separation phase because of his daddy being gone but he seemed to cope quite well.  Well, after a month of grandparents and family around, I think it's finally hit him.
He has made it apparent all week that daycare is the last place he wants to be... and he refuses to even go down the hall to his bedroom come bedtime. 
It's been a lot of late nights this week, trying to get him to stay in his bed... but him having other plans.  It breaks my heart because every time he just says, "momma let's snuggle".  All he wants is to lay in bed with me, and sleep in my room. 
If he wasn't a serious creature of habit I would be more inclined to let this behavior go on for a while until he was a little more back into routine.  However, I know that if he even starts to assume I'll let him come into my bed with me, it'll be one impossible battle to get him back into his bed for his early 7:15pm bedtime. 
Since I haven't been ready to go to bed so early, and he won't go with out me... he's been staying up until about 10:30/11pm every night this week, and then goes to bed with me.
Don't get me wrong, I tried. I've tried so hard.  I try to talk to reason with him like a big boy, I've tried to scold him into doing what I say, I've tried to cuddle in his bed then sneak away.  I've tried it all. I've even tried the "kids lock" on the inside of his bedroom.
Nothing has worked. 
I wouldn't mind it too much, if I was actually getting sleep while he's in my bed however, I am woken about every half hour with legs across my face, or kicks to my back, or hands flailing into my stomach.  It's a battle in that bed. 

Ultimately, I'm stating that since we've been back, it's been a hectic week of trying to return to routine.  As every other mother/blogger knows, sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging.  Maybe if I wasn't away at work all day, or if my husband was home to be able to give me some breaks... I'd be able to get back into projects.  However, until Jackson is willing to go to bed early like the good little boy I know he can be... I'm not sure when or how I'll be able to get back into my projects. Until then I'll just be staring at my piles of wood, frames, pantry pieces, paint, and table legs {all different items for projects that are on my to do's}. 
Please keep your fingers crossed for me that this phase will be a short lived one.. because I honestly don't know how many more kicks to the back, and smacks in the belly I can handle. 


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