Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Living Room Tour

I'm getting close to finishing up some projects that have been taking up a lot of my nights and weekends and I've VERY excited to show you them all one by one! 
However, not having finished a single one this weekend, I decided I wanted to slowly but surely start showing you rooms in our house.

Welcome to our {current} living room

We moved into our home in November 2010 and it was a brand new constructed home, and though a majority of the rooms may seem "completed" to others... to me, they will never be completed.  There will be endless phases for each room from changing of decor, to changing of adapting to having a child, to fun new projects being added. 
Our floor plan of the first level is a hallway entry way that leads into an open space that is the kitchen/dining area/living space.  The only separation of the rooms is the breakfast bar that helps separate the kitchen from the remainder of the room. 

Trying to find the right shade for our living room was down right impossible.  We brought home well over 30+ samples and could not find the right shade we were looking for.  I had fallen in love with the blue/grey color that was just about on every single TV show in living rooms.

Know when you go to a paint store and they suggest you bring home the paint chip to see it in the lighting of your living room? Well, we did, and every single time we brought home 5 new colors we were in love with at the store... we hated in our living room.
Every shade of blue/grey we brought home... ended up looking like baby boy blue nursery color on our walls.  Finally, we went to SW and went with a "pure silver" color. The sample was dead on silver... but alas in our home.. it was the color you see here.

We do like it, and we get lots of compliments on it... I just already have learned so much more about painting elements and colors since then I would have chosen a different color now.

Our couch & chair and a half {aka the princess chair} are from Haynes Furniture and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I'm 5'10 and when I sit on these I feel teeeeeeny tiny and I love that.

The rug is a recent purchase from Lowe's.  If you're in the market for a new rug I highly suggest keeping an eye out at Lowe's, they often have 5'7' rugs on huge discounts for a price that you can't get anywhere else.  This beauty only cost $47!

Because of the open floor plan and where the TV sits, it is not a typical lay out for a living room.  However, it 100% works for us, and when it comes down to it, sometimes function needs to over rule fashion {despite the saying}. 

{I could have added table decor to stage it better for the picture, but cleaning up Jackson's toys was enough work for staging... maybe someday I'll have more accessories around}

Originally when we bought the massive ottoman we were going to ditch the table, and we were looking for an ottoman that was large enough, and flat enough it could double as a table if necessary.  Well, then life came along and having a two year old sometimes over rules what our decorating ideals are.  Jackson uses that table every day for his toys, and I just can't reason myself to ditch his playing space just because it doesn't fit the rules of "Decorating 101". 
However the ottoman opens up and has some serious storage space in there for extra comfy blankets and pillows {score!}.

I have plans to refinish the table and maybe sell it on Craigslist, and maybe someday we will figure out a layout that will be the best of both worlds, decorator + mommyhood. 

The last little detail is the wall art.
We bought the canvas art just about right when we moved in and the color scheme works well with the couch, and our other decor.  However, as time went by {and as it usually happens} I started to become antsy with it.  I needed something different.
Course the ideas of a gallery wall or a sunburst mirror crossed my mind once or twice {okay, about non stop for about a month}.  But then my best friend gave me that BEAUTIFUL frame {for free!} and it sat in my garage for a few weeks and just ate away at me.  It's perfectly distressed, has the perfect colors, and is just awesomely massive. 

Then one night I just decided I need that frame up! So here it hangs

I fell in love!  It's different.  It's not normal.  Who hangs a oversized frame over a canvas?
{This Girl}

{Straight on it looks a lot more centered by height,
I should have stood on a chair for this picture so it didn't look off centered}

Just about every one that has visited me looks at it and says
"So what's going on here, what are you going to put in the frame?"
Me: "That. It's how I want it"
Every person: "Oh. ..... ..... ..... .... That's cool"
{ahem, awkward silence}

Me: "Yah! I think so!"

That's the first official tour of one of our rooms! Hope you enjoyed!



  1. I love it!! I can't wait to see what you complete! I TOTALLY understand the gray struggle...we're trying to find a gray for Tenley that isn't gray sometimes and blue most of the time. You're doing a great job!

  2. I totally get the paint color issue...because I stood in Lowes Friday night agonizing over paint colors for our kitchen paint. We had a fire about 3 weeks ago in our 1860 home and now that cleanup has taken place, its time for a fresh new bright in the kitchen. But I agonized for probably 45 minutes. Its all primed now and will be painted this week every night after school. Heres praying it turns out the way we wanted:)


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