Monday, July 18, 2011

Pantry Project Update - Wood Shelves

Phase One: Getting The Shelves

I mentioned a while back I was going to attempt a pantry make over and I'm starting to see the finish line... however not totally there yet. 
As mentioned one of the biggest reasons I was redoing our pantry was because of the shelves.  They were the Rubbermaid wire type shelves, and though they may be a great option for some people... I knew I'd prefer the look of solid wood shelves.

The Measurements

We headed to Lowe's with measurements and pictures in hand ready for some decisions.  Thank goodness my husband was there with me on that trip, having an extra mind came in handy making sure I wasn't making any measurement errors, oh and I'm terrible with mental math and the fact he's like rain man helped too. 
The overall look I wanted was solid white shelves, with one center support bar, and two support bars on the sides, and back boards to match the height of the support side bars and make it have a little more cohesive appearance.
This meant that one shelf would need:
2 - 2x2x11" {side support bars}
1 - 1x2x33" {left side, back piece}
1 - 1x1x29.5" {right side, back piece}
1 - support bar {mine had a width of 1" which seems pretty standard}
1 - 1x12x8' white particle board {had Lowe's cut each of these down to 63.5"}
I am having a total of 4 boards {which means a lot of wood and pieces!}

I went with the cheapest trim board they had since I knew I wanted to paint them white anyways.  I had them color match the white color from the particle board and was using this to paint each of the pine wood pieces. 

Next was sanding, priming, painting...
After sanding down each piece with a 120 grit sandpaper, I used a roller brush and primed each block.

I just used primer I had on hand, and of course used my roller brush {use it for everything!}

I began recruiting some help

All the pieces primed...

I kept everything organized by keeping the left support bars on the left side and right on the right side so I knew which sides {the only ones that will be visible} to paint.  I had enough painting to do, I wanted to eliminate any extra work.

After the priming dried I used same technique and used the color matched white paint on all the pieces.

Laying out to dry

I was thankful that we decided to go ahead with the little extra cost of finished white particle board shelves rather than the stock pine boards and to finish those.  I don't know if the pantry ever would have been finished had we gone that route.

The next update will actually probably be the reveal, and then I'll back track and do some posts about the different steps.
You're on the edge of your seat in excitement aren't you!
{No? Just me?}


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  1. WHAT THE HECK!! I made a topless Todd come join me in reading this and you just teased us! I could shake my fist at you! :p Haha we did agree that Tenley will be my personal slave, I mean primer-er too! I can't wait to see it all finished!


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