Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Pinterest Challenge 2011

Pinterest was a site I instantly became obsessed with, just as almost every other person that knows what the internet is has also done.  Keywords for this site go hand in hand "Pinterest" and "zero productivity", jk but seriously I think bosses everywhere dislike it, and may have seen a slight decline in productivity of their employees since it surfaced.  
{snapshot of what Pinterest looks like}

I first wrote about it back in May, when I confessed my love for Pinterest.  Since then it has taken off even more.  Quick overview if you are unfamiliar with it:
Pinterest is like a virtual corkboard that you collectively gather anything/everything you see on the internet.  Rather than endless emails to yourself reminding you of projects, ideas, pictures, and websites... you just "pin" it and it'll be saved to a specific board you want.  The picture then has a permalink that will redirect the person that clicks on it back to the original source.  {Genius}

Well these well known and beautiful gals {below} have began a challenge to themselves... and to others.
After countless hours, and endless pins, they have created a challenge to actually create one of your pins you have saved.  Sometimes it can be so easy to see a project and fall in love, pin it, and move onto the next kind of forgetting about actually ever going back and DOING that project. 
Sherry @ Young House Love
Katie @ Bower Power
Emily @ {seriously you don't know who she is!!!?} Style be Emily Henderson
Lana @ Making a House a Home

One of my boards is titled "To Do List for DIY Projects"
I've actually done pretty well at keeping up with ones I hope one day I'll do and actually completing them!

We have until next Tuesday, the 2nd, to complete our projects and reconvene back together to show off when we actually managed to get off our butts, and finally complete thanks to the shared ideas at Pinterest!
I am aiming to partake... I really do hope to partake... I will partake. {most likely, probably, let's hope}
I'm actually in the middle of 3 different original Pinterest ideas so I guess if I actually complete ONE I may use that as my contender. Or I'll start from scratch and pick a new pin... it's not like I don't have enough in the waiting list of To Do's!

So, to pass it along and help spread the word... visit Young House Love to see all the further details she explains, and a very quirky adorable video they created to explain their motivation for The Pinterest Challenge.


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  1. So are you actually partaking in the challenge?


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