Thursday, August 18, 2011

The best way to online shop!

Saving money. 
It's an idea we all aim to do, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I think of myself as a middle of the road saver.  I will collect coupons from Red Plum and various Ecoupons from the web, load up my local grocery store card and scan upon checkout hoping it drops my bill down to a reasonable amount.  Most of it is magical wishing that coupons will just appear for me.  I have tried a few different times to become coupon savvy and be a smart shopper, watch for deals and double up on store & manufacturer coupons, but most of the time I do what's more "convenient" than "super thrifty" [this all applies to grocery shopping and household cleaning items.... when it comes to decorating I am super thrifty!]. 

One time I took my time, I collected coupons like crazy, I matched up manufacturer coupons to store coupons, checked different websites to ensure staple items were on sale, used Ecoupons.. I did it all for this particular shopping trip.  It worked, it really did! I ended up saving somewhere around $57 dollars bringing my total from something like $120 down to $63! However, all the time and energy that went into it... wasn't my cup of tea.  Saving money is fantastic and all but the amount of time and energy that went into coupon clipping that week was too much for me.

Essentially what I'm rambling on about is I love to save money, but I have to have a balance of savings to convenience for me to routinely do it. 


If you're unfamiliar with this website, I assure you I am introducing you to your new bff for websites, especially if you're an online shopper as I am. is similar to where you can load up your local grocery card with Ecoupons and save just by having them scan it at check out.  There's also printable coupons if you prefer to have them in hand for reminder what to pick up.  Then they have my favorite section... "cash back savings".

If you like to online shop then you must look here before you type in your favorite online store.
Why you ask?
Because you get paid to shop!

This isn't like swag-bucks, or those online survey scheme websites, this is genuine money back in your pocket online shopping. 
Each store has a different "money back" value, and when you click on the that store, you're redirected to their main page where you'd shop, and check out as usual. tracks your purchase, and will give you a % back on your total order.
For example:
Let's say I'm thinking about buying curtains from JCPenny's online, instead of just going directly to I'll go to cash back savings on first and see what % I'll earn back when I make a purchase there.

I'll earn 6% back of my total purchase if I "shop now" through so I click Shop Now and it redirects me JCPenny's website:

Then you just shop as usual, and after a couple days you'll see the money on your Shortcuts account.  That's it.  No toolbars.  No surveys. No games.
{I realize I may sound like their sales person but I just truly love this website and felt I MUST share it with my readers, we all love to earn money right!}

I've tried to limit my spending online, but when I do make purchases I make sure I check if I can go through because it's worth it.  They pay out quarterly and so 4 times a year they will send you a check with the money you've earned.  I've been sent two checks so far, and received my second one today in the mail for $20+.  That's what gave me the idea to share with all you because it's just plain awesome and I want you to know about it.

I'm not being paid, or compensated in any where by or its affiliates to write this post.  I don't have an affiliate account, I won't benefit from you using their website, I just simply want to share my wealth with you! :) I removed any links directly to their site to help eliminate any ideas I may profit from writing this post, just simply go to to check out all the savings.

Does anyone else have easy and convenient ways to save money while shopping? I've love to hear!



  1. Thanks for sharing! I'll check it out! I, too, try to be a diligent couponer, but its hard work! I actually wrote about that on my blog the other day :) I'll give this website a shot!

  2. Thanks for sharing Pamela, I have never heard of this site! I will definitely check it out the next time I plan to shop on-line :)

  3. Adding this to my week-end to-do list. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I will have to check it out! I love using coupons, I recently became addicted to it, I will have to check this out for sure! :)


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