Friday, August 5, 2011

Jackson's Corner {6} Love is...

A handful of years ago when life was about college, internships, working late nights, and being out with friends I had an idea what love was like to me.

To me love was...
a dozen red roses,
dressing up nice for a dinner date,
an unexpected surprise gift,
a late night phone conversation,
a shoulder to cuddle up to on all night movie watching sessions,
a hand to hold while in public.
Love was,
a giddiness to see him because it's been a couple hours, 
a comforting hug that made you feel safe,
sharing brand new secrets to one another,
and having wild and fun nights out with each others friends.

A couple years later, I realized my "love is" thoughts had started to grow...
as did my first serious relationship...
Then, love was ..
the renting of our first place together,
the endless nights of cuddling,
receiving a message asking, "what would you like for dinner"
love was...
coming home to a clean apartment,
sharing your to do's and errands,
love was feeling safer at night knowing he was there,
the unexpected bouquet of flowers "just because"
a comfort you never experienced before.

 In the past three years, I've learned my "love is" idea has changed yet again.  My idea of love has grown exponentially as I have another heart to love. 

Love just doesn't just mean romance and dinners.  Love doesn't just have two hearts anymore.
Now, to me... Love is...
not caring about getting no sleep all night due to a crying baby,
because you enjoy holding them even if it is 3am,
going grocery shopping and checking out with 4 opened items because you allow your kid to eat whatever they want, as long as you make it through this errand
letting a sweaty head sleep on you for nap time because they'd rather be touching you than laying in their bed,
buying his 400th truck/train just because you love seeing how happy he gets getting a new one,
wiping boogers and snot from a runny nose,
doing the {happy dance} because his pee actually made it IN the toilet this time!
Love is...
holding the world's tiniest hands and feeling the love overcome you,
going to work with drool, snot, dried food, etc on your shoulder and not caring anymore,
giving up your beautiful Coach purse to carry around a massive diaper bag,
feeling a new kind of protective love you never knew existed,
dancing in the middle of public because your two year old says "dance momma" and you know it'll make him SO happy... so you just do it, because that's what love is.
Love is..
sharing a language with a two year old that no one else understands
pulling over while driving to hug your son simply because he asks for one
being able to recite every single Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora,  and Little Einsteins ever aired.
Love is tucking your child in bed and getting the worlds biggest hug, and sweetest I love you every night

I love you Jackson Jude Stephens, with all my heart.


  1. precious. Glamma.

  2. Awwwww leaves me speechless. Heart full of love for my daughter and grandson.

  3. Love Love Love!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is is your family. :)

  5. Okay so you made me cry...this is beautiful!

    Jami @

  6. Such a beautiful post and family...Love it! You are one blessed lady!!

  7. sooo beautiful. There is nothing like a Mama's love.

  8. This was so sweet. Everything changes when those little ones enter into your life. Loving your blog! I'm in such a decor funk in my house right now, I'm loving all your DIY tutorials!

  9. What a sweet story and a beautiful family!

  10. A great and colorful collection! Happy Thanks giving to you and your family!


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