Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jackson's Corner {7} What we didn't do this weekend

I had plans this weekend... I had plans to finally finish up several projects I have around the house and to start some new big fun ones.  I had plans to do laundry, clean the house, do yard work, get errands done.  I had plans to take Jackson to the pet store, and to go on walks and play at the playground.  It was going to be a great productive weekend. 
I was off to a great start Saturday morning, did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen and headed out the door.  Number one on my list was to bring Jackson to the pet store so he could play with puppies.  This is one of my favorite things to do as it's a treat for him, and for me, I love seeing how adorable he is with all the puppies!

On the way home while sitting at a red light we were rear ended.  It was the first time being in an accident with Jackson in the car (and the first time being rear ended) and I was almost too scared to turn around and see the damage.  Thank goodness Jackson and I were alright, my brave little boy didn't even seem to react from getting hit.  The guy that hit us seemed completely unaware of the situation and what had happened.  Thankfully I called the cops and they were able to handle all the paperwork.  The entire time the guy seemed very confused, not sure where he was not sure where he was going.  I received a phone call later that night from his wife, I could hear it in her voice how sorry and scared she was from the situation.  She told me she went out looking for her husband as he was two hours late for an appointment he was supposed to go to and when she arrived home he was there, with the cops.  It was the first time she let him drive in three months, as he had been diagnosed with dementia.  That explains his behavior.
It broke my heart that this wife of the 75 year old had this to deal with now.  However it terrified me more that there was a 75 year old with dementia and was behind the wheel of a car, and was two hours late for his appointment.  Had he been driving in circles that whole time? 
I think what hits me more now about the accident, knowing Jackson and I are safe and I'll probably put my car in the shop for a couple of hours one day and have it back good as new and it'll be a distant memory.  But, that accident will change that couples lives... I can only assume his license will be taken away, the wife may have finally realized his dementia is worse than she realized {she said on the phone that he doesn't even remember being in an accident}.  My heart goes out to them and to anyone struggling with this or such a disease that literally strips you of your memory. 

We are very lucky the situation was not worse, and it seems as though insurance will handle the car repair very easily.  My thoughts go out to that couple though, because I have a feeling this is the beginning to a long journey for the two of them.

Once I got home I wasn't in the mood to run around and do my little projects I had planned.  I just wanted to relax with my son.  And today again.  I didn't mow the lawn, I didn't do laundry.  I didn't pick up any spray paint, or sand paper.  I just spent the day with my adorable son and captured this adorable picture of him while he took a nap on the couch.
Family always comes first.



  1. Wow! That's quite a story! So glad you and your little one are ok. Yikes! It's definitely a sad story about the elderly couple too. Glad you spent the rest of the weekend doing what is truly important :)

  2. I'm SO glad y'all are okay and thats awesome that he really didn't realize what had happened.

    Though I must set yourself up for this. YAY!!! You guys so need a puppy! :p

  3. Love this post! I love that what you took away from the situation. People can learn a lot from your perspective on the world... including me. Thank you.

  4. I agree with Anon. So many people would be upset about how put out they were by their car being in the shop, or having to be in the accident in the first place, but I am impressed by your perspective of the incident. Glad everyone was (physically anyway) okay.

  5. So glad you guys are a-ok. Love, Glamma

  6. Aw what a cutie! That is a scary story. My grandmother has dementia and she broke her neck about a year ago so she can't really turn to the sides but the DMV renewed her driver's license in the mail. Of course she never even thinks about driving, but it does scare you. I'm glad you were all ok.


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