Friday, August 26, 2011

{Spotlight} My favorite jewelry pieces

I've never been a jewelry fanatic... I have a few key pieces during different phases that I love to wear, but typically it's a pick of about three different necklaces, a few pairs of earrings, and sometimes a ring or bangle.  But my style of jewelry pretty much remains the same:

{my staple pieces}

long length necklace with charms at the end

cubic zirconia studs {yah, real diamonds would be awesome but so not happening for the size I like}

a bulky bangle with a few addition smaller scaled ones

The other day I received my daily sales from {an incredibly great sale site that emails you deals for various Etsy shops, kinda like Groupon for Etsy, yah... I know... amazing}and I saw a necklace that was right up my alley, so I immediately clicked through, made the sale purchase and went directly to the Etsy store and bought THIS:


Seriously, I'm innnnnn loveeeeeeee with this necklace from Saressa Designs.
She also lets you add little harm charms with your choice of letter, so I added one with the initial J

{Gorgeous right!}

Here's some other favorites I was thinking about getting from Saressa Design's shop:

{I love the little anchor embellishment}

{This piece was the ad on Heartsy and what me b-line it to her shop, jaw dropping gorgeous}

Then I spent some time searching a few other shops on Etsy and fell in love with these pieces too:

El collar de Mariantonieta

{love the french stamped writing piece}

{so unique}

XOXii Shop

{a tiny little jar filled with gold... need I say more}

{this literally takes my breath away, LOVE it}

{absolutely my style, and love the difference than just the average gem}

What are you favorite Etsy jewelry shops? What about your staple jewelry items?
Any of these make your heart swoon as much as me?!

If you're not a member of Heartsy I URGE you to join! Amazing sale prices for various Etsy stores and introduces you to so many amazing products you never knew existed! Click the button below to sign up:

Heartsy - Exclusive deals on fabulous handmade designer items at members-only prices.

I'm off to take cover for the upcoming hurricane.  If you don't hear from me for a few days it's due to a power outage.  They are expecting if power does go out, about 5 days to get it back on.  Last time a hurricane came through of this size, residents here were without power for 11 days... I'm not sure if I can handle no internet for that long!
If you're on the east coast, hope you stay safe too!


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  1. Oooh, I love all of those necklaces that you showed. As you probably already know I love Etsy! But, I have never even heard of Heartsy before. I am definitely going to sign up :)


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