Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tips and tricks for Pinterest

Pinterest is no longer a secret.  If you've read my blog, you've heard me post at least three times about it.. I'm sure you've heard "pinning" in day to day conversation, and at the very least, have seen people on Twitter and Facebook posting their pins.  It's everywhere.  And it's fantastic.

I originally mentioned it here, and then along came the Pinterest Challenge, and everyday our obsession with the website continues.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite aspects of Pinterest that everyone may not know about..

1. The everything page:
You may notice when you first pull up Pinterest and are not logged in you see a lot of pins on the homepage you may not typically see.  I found myself sometimes not wanting to log in because it was really fun to see pins I may not typically see since I don't follow their board.  Here's where the {Everything} button comes in handy.  Once you log in you see this dashboard:
and the initial tab is on boards you follow.  However you can click the {Everything} tab and you'll see a homepage of a random collection of boards, even from those you are not following.  A great way to see new people you may want to follow, or things you may not typically find on your "boards you follow" page.  Additionally you can click on particular search terms to pull up different pins too.
2. Want to see more pins from a particular blog?
Many may already know this, but sometimes it can go unnoticed so I just want to point it out, because it always leads to a new tab open of Pinterest for me where I spend more hours searching from a particular blog I love.
When you click on a particular pin, it'll open to be it's own page.  If its permalink {fancy term for where it was originally "pinned" from...} is from a particular blog, or website, on the left hand side of the page it'll preview other pins from that same website.

You can then click on those thumbnails and it'll open a page full of any pins that have been permalinked  from that website/blog!  This is usually when I am officially glazed over and have 2930343 tabs open on Firefox with amazing and inspiring new projects to do, and hundreds of new blogs I'm falling in love with.

3. Source your own blog
This leads right into my last little tip about Pinterest.  This tip is a great one to full blown just stalk your favorite blog for ideas, or even for a pep talk to yourself if you're feeling down and unmotivated for your own blog.  If you type into the address bar of your web browser this: "" you'll be directed to the source page of any pins from that particular website {must enter in the web address of that particular website where I have the xxxx's}.  For example, to see any pins that have been done from my blog I would enter "" and it'll bring me to this:

It's really great to use also if you have a favorite creative blogger you use for inspiration but maybe haven't had time to search their entire blog for ideas.  Just type in their blog name and it'll pull up any pins from their blog and you may just see a new inspiration you had not seen before.
For instance if you are as inspired as I am by my good friend Jami from What the Graham and you want to see what else people have been inspired by from her blog you'd type in her web address after the source page and ...

Loads of inspiration {and serious stalker skills}!

Those are just some of my favorite uses from Pinterest, hope you learned something!
And while you're at it, be sure to follow me on Pinterest too!

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  1. Thank you for the mention! You may shame me into finishing my pantry probably not!

  2. Oooh thanks for sharing that last tip...I totally need it!

  3. Gotta tell ya...I've been on Pinterest for at least an hour every single day...wondering how I pin other peoples' pins (other than those I'm following, that it...) - NEVER ONCE did I both to hit the "Everything" button...;) Thank you so much for the tip! I feel like a whole new world has just opened up to me...;)

  4. I love Pinterest and I thought I knew a lot about it but I had NO idea about the everything button! Thanks for sharing!


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