Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jackson's Corner {8} Cookie's Visit

What a great week this past one was!  My Father in Law came into town to visit Jackson and I and we packed in a whole lot into one week, or I should say he did.  {Project Central}!
I had to work during the week, but he kept himself busy playing with Jackson and running around doing so many projects around the house for me which was amazing!

Thanks to him I have this many projects crossed off the to do list:
Fix TV cable cord
Hang front entryway pendant light
Get work bench for garage/studio
Put up shelves in garage/studio
Spoil Jackson
Mow the lawn

He also somehow managed to build an entire play set in our backyard!

{How he managed to do it while watching Jackson and in one day... amazessssssssss me}
AND! he filled up my garage with brand spanking new tools.

We also managed to squeeze in a little fun too!

Picture mania time:

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Labor Day holiday weekend!!



  1. Love it....wish I had been there too. I will be back in October to visit again. :)


  2. How sweet! Your father in law is a blessing.


  3. Stop it with that last picture!!!

  4. Yay!! Happy Labor day weekend to youuuu! Looks like you guys had a wonderful week. Keep up the good work ;)

  5. This literally just made my life. Such a great series of pictures. Thank you to Cookie for all the hard work. Love you guys so much! MWAH!

  6. Yayayayayay! Sounds like you guys had so much fun. The 2nd picture of Cookie and Jaxy is SO cute!

  7. Wonderful photos to capture your week and so great that your father in law helped you tackle your project list. Yay for great weeks, long weekends and smiling little ones :)

  8. what a special grandfather jackson has. is it just me, or does he look like him too?!
    enjoy your long weekend! xo


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