Friday, September 23, 2011

My Fallspiration: Style & Fashion Series

To celebrate the first day of fall I wanted to do a kick off to my fall inspirations..for style!

I have a pretty simple fashion style and I prefer comfort over high fashion {at least for me}.  My daily outfit during the summer is capris, flip flops and a beater style tank top.  After a long summer I'm so excited for a change of season and the weather to start cooling down.

I've have totally caved into the trend for fall boots.  I just LOVE the brown riding boot style, and I even love the added bonus that they're flat.  I like wearing heels every once and a while, but being 5'10" I get a bit tired and self conscious adding extra height on a daily note. 

These make me swooooooooooon but just ones I pet through the screen as the price tag is $495!
But almost every brand of shoe is stocking their shelves with their own version of the riding boot and I've already given in and bought two pairs. {sorry husband, I'm guilty}

This style of boot paired with skinny jeans and a long sleeve shirt or sweater will be my daily outfit this fall and I am loving all these styles:



Then once it's a bit cooler out and I get to wear UGGS! It's the little things in life {right}



Do you get as excited for Fall & new clothes trends?  What about the riding boot style, are you a fan or against it?


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  1. LOVE the boots!! I've been wanting to buy some riding boots for the fall/winter but it is still way to hot here! like in the 90's! You and I have the same style! :)

  2. L O V E boots. I'm definately a fan of the riding boot. I love the way heels look but hate the way they feel. And I'm pretty sure I wore Uggs everyday in college. :)
    I really love your style. All of those outfits are great. I am dying to go shopping but I still have some baby weight to lose (4 month old little girl to thank for that one)! Maybe by Christmas? (Wishful thinking) :)

  3. I love all of those inspiration shots! I bought some riding style boots recently and can't wait to wear them again. I wore them for the first time last week and felt hip and cool :)
    Happy weekend Pamela!

  4. Lovely inspiration photos! I say yes to the comfort and stylishness of the riding boot :) Can't wait for slightly cooler temperatures so I can wear mine!


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