Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Sponsor lovin'

I cannot believe it's already a week into September!  Time has been flying by and I realized I haven't even done any shout outs to my awesome sponsors!

Everyday Vinyl is continuing to bring amazing vinyl and offering my readers great deals.  This month they are giving PB&J readers 30% off {that's right 30%} Chalkboard vinyl!  Chalkboard has been such a craze lately, and what's better than having it in vinyl! The possibilities are endless with it.  Plus, it's it's less permanent than using the chalkboard paint and don't have to deal with repainting! 

Some of my favorite ideas are:
Labels to keep things organized on glass jars or containers

Use in a frame for a memo board/chalk board/menu board

Use for tags {think Christmas!!}

Or a family calendar/to do list

Possibilities are endless.So head on over to Everyday Vinyl and get your chalkboard vinyl for the month of September at 30% off!! {The button on the right will also redirect you to the promotion page where you'll see the coupon to get your discount}

My other shout out is for a new product that I've added to my cleaning bucket for weekend chores.  I despise  am not a fan of cleaning, so whatever products make it easier I'm all for!

Fish Window Cleaning

As you know I'm a mother of a 2 & half yr old, and husband is away so weekend "cleaning" comes down to whatever I can squeeze into and around my son's disasters.  That's why I love this new cleaner, as you can see it foams! Why is this great? Well because it doesn't drip down and onto the window frame or my floors if I don't get to it quick enough {and yes, there's been times I've been pulled away mid spray and completely forgot to return before it was too late}. 

Fish Window Cleaning is actually a company that comes to your house/business for professional window cleaning, but this is their product line and it works great.
My suggestion too is wipe with a microfiber cloth rather than a paper towel. 

Perhaps treat yourself and have them come out and clean your windows for the fall season and see for yourself how great it works!

I can't wait to show you some updates of projects I was extremely busy with this past weekend!! Stay tuned shortly ;)



  1. I pretty much think I'm a chalk board-a-holic :)
    Awesome sale!! Can't wait to see what you have been up to!

  2. OMG! I am IN LOVE with the chalkboard vinyl, especially the one on the fridge! I'm heading straight over to check them out!!! Thanks Pam!

  3. Where can we order the chalkboard?

  4. @anonymous - please contact me via email if you have any questions, otherwise just follow the sponsor links to Everyday Vinyl where you can order the chalkboard vinyl!



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