Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you ten years ago?

September 11th, 2001. 

It's a day for the rest of our lives we'll all remember.  We'll remember the fallen, we'll remember their families, we'll honor the heroes.

I remember a school assignment when I was younger where I had to come home and ask my parents, "Where were you when Kennedy was assassinated? What were you doing? How did it make you feel?"

September 11th, will be our generation's day of remembrance which our kids will come home from school and ask us in detail, "Where were you? What were you doing? How did you feel?" 

When the first plane hit I heard it on the radio as I was driving to school.  My initial reaction wasn't mourning, or tragedy.  It was disbelief, hearing the words someone flew an airplane into a building in New York City?  I didn't assume it was a terrorist attack, I assumed it was a freak accident.  By the time I arrived at school, some had heard the news, others had not but no one was quite sure what to expect.  Once everyone was settled in their first class, a hush came over the school.  Every classroom had their TV's on and everyone was witnessing what had just happened. 
Seeing it on TV felt more real and suddenly started to sink in the dangers and the thousands of people that this will affect.  Then, the second plane hit.

My dad is a pilot, I knew he wasn't on a flight, I knew the airline was not who he flew for, but the tragedy that airplanes were the weapon of choice to kill thousands and thousands of people hit too close for home for me. 

Every year since it happened, the anniversary of 9-11 has always been a day of remembrance but the mark of the ten year anniversary feels different.  I spent some time going over the future plans for the WTC and it feels good to know our nation is strong, and comes together in times of need, and can help one another move forward.

Ten years ago today
Everyone felt it
Our nation's heart was attacked
Time stopped and our innocence was taken

Some gave their lives
Some lost their loved ones
Some never returned home
Some families waited for months and months

Let us take today to remember the fallen and honor the heroes.
For today is a day to remember to appreciate the simple joys in life and to honor those that gave their lives for our country.
Let us remember the 3,000 men, women, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, families and friends and that never made it home that evening.

Today, I will spend my day giving my son endless hugs and kisses.



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