Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some of my link up favorites!

I had a blast last week co-hosting with Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy and doing her weekly link up party with her.  My goodness there were some amazing projects that linked up!  I had so much fun going through and reading so many new bloggers I've never come across before, so I personally thank each of you for joining and spreading your awesomeness with me! Here are a few projects that really caught my eye and wanted to be sure they got some extra attention!

Sarah from Renewed Upon a Dream built this AMAZING coffee table!  Anyone that knows me knows I love things created from wood and this just makes me happy :)

Jenn from "Clean & Scentsible" made these incredibly sweet Halloween invites!  I can't even imagine what else the party will have in store if the invites are this amazing. 

Susan from "Homeroad" made this incredible tripod lamp -- from an actual tripod she found!  I read her initial post about stuff she finds on the side of the road and she created this beautiful piece from road salvage! 

Lauren from "West Furniture Revival" is amazing at redoing furniture pieces and this one is so unique and one of a kind!  The base is made from an old sewing table base, she has an amazing eye!

Lily from "LOVD" made this adorable garland from paint ship samples!  Such a unique twist on the traditional garland decor.  Could be used to add some colorful decor for the entire season of Fall. Again, thanks to everyone that linked up and an even bigger thanks to Jaime for letting me co-host this past week!! If you were featured be sure to grab one of my buttons!!

PB&J Stories

Happy Halloween everyone..
Here's a little sneak peak at Jackson in his costume :)



Friday, October 28, 2011

Fallspiration: Guest Post Susi from Arcadian Lighting

It has finally started to feel like Fall here in Virginia!  Earlier this week we were still hitting mid-80's everyday and the cool wind finally came in today.  I've been waiting for it to feel like Fall as I've been swooning over all the gorgeous porches and mantels that have been decorated for the season all over the blog world. 

I have done two previous posts about Fallspiration so far, one about Fall decor and one about Style and Fashion.  Today we have a special treat, Susi from Arcadian Lighting is here to share some wonderful Fallspiration: Fall Mantels. Arcadian Lighting is the best source for lighting fixtures and accessories at discount prices. Arcadian Lighting has been in the lighting industry for over 15 years selling decorative home lighting fixtures and lamps online, and has become one of the top Internet retailers for home lighting products.

Hi, I'm Susi, a writer for the Arcadian Lighting blog, which is a fabulous source for the latest trends in light fixtures and home décor. I love when I'm asked to guest blog for great design blogs like PB&Jstories. Tis the season for gorgeous fall foliage, pumpkins and cooler nights. And cooler nights mean it's time to spruce up and use the fireplace again. Here are my favorite fallspirations for fireplace mantels. Enjoy!
Fireplace Mantels

Love the mix of candles, objects and art on this mantel that all invoke the feeling of fall. Pretty seasonal art can easily be switched out as the seasons change.
Fireplace Mantels

Decorate the mantel with other fruits and natural elements besides pumpkins for a fall feeling. Apples, pears, and acorns in jars and hurricanes make colorful and charming mantel decoration.
Fireplace Mantels
Sometimes the simplest decorations are the prettiest. A vase of fall foliage and cream candles decorated with a single leaf make for a beautiful fall mantel. The unexpectedly light and airy fall decorations are perfectly at home with the simple white chandelier reflected in the mirror.
Fireplace Mantels

A beautiful wreath hung above the mantel sets the stage for fall mantel decorations. This one is made from a gorgeous wheat colored ribbon and corn husks.
Fireplace Mantels

A collection of wreaths hang above a sweet vignette of holiday greetings on this fall decorated mantel. It would be easy to swap out the mantel decoration for Thanksgiving and keep the wreaths.
Fireplace Mantels

This fireplace mantel decoration is carried down to the hearth for an overall decoration. The symmetrical arrangement works well to disguise and accommodate the wall mounted TV. Placement of the ceiling lights is perfect for highlighting the mantel and its decorations.
Fireplace Mantels

Love the creams, pale pastels and greens of these seasonal gourds and pottery on this mantel. A fall inspired mantel does not have to be oranges and reds to celebrate the season.
Fireplace Mantels

A tonal display of white pumpkins and branch balls in a wood bowl flanked by sheaves of wheat creates a lovely fall decorated mantel.

Looking for ways to accent your fireplace? Ceiling lighting is always a nice touch. Check out Arcadian Lighting today to get inspired! Images: ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 )

Thanks so much to Susi for those beautiful inspiring mantels!  Can't wait till it's time to go apple picking here too... Fall really is my favorite season! 

Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. If you like this post, be sure to stop by the Arcadian Lighting blog and say hello!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crafty Scrappy Happy Me Party, Co-Host Style

I’m so excited to be joining Jaime of Crafty Scrappy Happy this week!! If you missed it earlier I was over there yesterday and today guest posting about an easy throw pillow idea so be sure to check that out!

Every week Jaime hosts an amazing link-up party to feature your latest and greatest “craft, scrappy, or happy” projects!  I’m sure a lot of this weeks link ups will have some amazing Halloween inspiration so I thought I’d sneak in some pictures of my entryway table which I just kinda jazzed up with a little Halloween décor.  I failed to ever do a post about my fall décor because I just never felt truly inspired {we’re still hitting temperatures of 80 degrees here!}.  Though I did dress up my entryway table just a little bit, and then added a little Halloween items too…

{I think it’s about time I invest in a tripod}

{Lamp shade dressed up in mummy wrap & glittery spiders, DIY yarn wrapped pumpkins, glitterized chestnuts in a hurricane and a gorgeous gathering of Fall inspired flowers}

{My son loves to pretend scream about the spiders and run and hide, I pretend I’m scared too hehe}

So that’s my fall & Halloween inspired entryway décor…. simple but fun enough.

NOW! Time for the real fun… It is time to party!  This is a double link party, which means that if you link up at either the host or co-hosts blogs, your link will be shared with friends and followers at both blogs!  Have fun linking up anything Crafty, Scrappy or Happy!  No giveaways or Etsy shops please!


Just grab a button, follow both the host Crafty Scrappy Happy and co-host PB & J Stories and link right up!

Guest Posting over at Crafty, Scrappy, Happy !

Just wanted to share with everyone that I'm over at Crafty Scrappy Happy sharing a comfy cozy cold season tutorial that'll warm up your decor!  Come see what I made with a $3.99 sweater from Goodwill !


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up and SugarBoo Giveaway Winner!!!

While my husband has been away on deployment I’ve been blessed with frequent visitors about once a month to keep me company and give me a little break, it’s been pretty fantastic.  Well this past weekend my Mother in Law came in for a visit – with a huge secret surprise…. my sister in law, Courtney and her daughter, Amelia came too!!!! Amelia is two weeks older than Jackson and they are best pals!  He nicknamed her Yaya when he was like a minute old (okay, so actually once he was able to start saying words) but that’s been her nickname ever since.  They’re pretty adorable together and play so sweetly.

They are both turning three years old (WHAT!?) in just a few short weeks so while they were in town we had a little birthday party celebration for them and enjoyed some nummy cake. 

See what I mean… ADORABLE.
Amelia sharing her cake

They originally started with their undies on but J wanted to feel “free” apparently so took his off, and of course once we saw the opportunity for THIS photo – off came Amelia’s too….
{enter awwwwwww moment}

Course I made it “public viewing” appropriate by censoring it :Winking smile

Here’s a few other fun pictures from the weekend:


It was a fantastic weekend and can’t wait to return back to MN to see our whole family and friends again!

With more exciting news the winner of the SugarBoo Designs Giveaway has been chosen!

Congratulations to Dottie!

Pretty sure my favorite part of giveaways {besides offering awesome things to my readers} is when someone I get excited about winning – wins!  Dottie got instant props in my book as she is from my home state Minnesota!

Congratulations Dottie!!! Email me within 72 hours and we’ll set up the details to have your beautiful pillow sent to you asap.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A dear friend's life is about to change

Over the past several months I have gotten close to many fellow bloggers who I admire for their talents, support, creativity and inspiration. 
Jami from " What the Graham" is one friend who I have truly gotten close too.  We text on a daily basis and it feels like we've been friends for years. 

If you aren't a follower of Jami @ What the Graham I suggest you do so, as she is an incredibly talented lady and is about to embark on a new journey in her life. 

I received a text early this morning from her saying she thinks she is leaking :) (For those that don't know her, she is about to pop, and due with her first born daughter any day)
Well, needless to say, she will be having her daughter today and I am SO SO SO excited for her!

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities"

Congratulations to Jami & Todd (and Zander and Barklei) ... you're life is about to change and with the ultimate blessing.

If you're a follower of hers already send her some love and support either via her blog, or twitter :) I'm sure she'd love it!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SugarBoo Designs Giveaway!! $120 Value!

This Giveaway is Closed!
Many thanks to those that entered!

If you follow me on Facebook on the PB&Jstories Fan page, you saw this posted about a week ago:

I did a little poll asking which pillow you'd choose of the three.
Why you ask did I do this little poll??

Because Sugarboo Designs wanted to offer my readers the chance to win one of their gorgeous pillows for free!!! I could not pick just one, so I picked three of my favorites and then let you guys pick your most favorite!  A & C were the most popular ones, and C was the ultimate winner.

So now that means it is time for the real giveaway to win this beauty!:

The creative masterminds behind Sugarboo Designs are truly amazing.  They have such a wide variety of products and home decor pieces I absolutely love them all! 

I adore this pillow!  It's big too!! 24"x24" valued at avg price of $120!! I think it'd be perfect for any color scheme or style of decor and would go great in any room.  I thought a perfect match for this fun pillow - is a fun giveaway!

It'll be simple to enter and have your chance to win!
{Reminder: PLEASE include your email address if it's not linked up to your profile ... lots of entries so far without available emails}

Mandatory Entry: (you must do this at the least for the chance to win)
Leave a comment saying which room would be the new home for this pillow... your bedroom? guest bedroom? entryway? living room?  Anywhere you picture it -- let me know!

Extra entries: (be sure to leave a comment for each additional entry)
* Give yourself or someone next to you a hug
* Follow my blog via either by email or GFC (Google Friend Connect)
* "Like" my Facebook page and drop a quick hi!
* Share this giveaway (the more the merrier!)

Giveaway ended October 24th, 2011 at 8pm EST and the winner will be chosen via
Prize will be shipped directly from Sugarboo Designs warehouse and only available to those residing in the United States.

I was not paid or compensated for this giveaway, I just simply love sharing companies and products that I oh-so adore with my readers!!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

USA Pallet Map - Boy's Room Decor

The other weekend I was shopping at Michael’s with my 40% coupon burning a hole in my pocket.  I know it’s always a good idea to grab some type of project supplies on the weekends with their big coupons, but I had an itch to get something for a new fun project.  That’s when I spied this:


And got the idea for this:


The poster was originally $12 or something, and with my 40% discount brought the total down to about $7!
I instantly knew it’d be perfect for my sons room which is {semi} decorated in a vintage-car theme and I loved the license plates. {I actually want to change a lot to his room, but that’s a whole different chapter}.

I always happen to have lots of extra pallet wood just laying around in my garage and had enough good pieces to put together a big “canvas board” and made this:


The overall size was slightly longer in length than the poster and slightly taller so it created a nice “border” around the poster.  Once I got the piece assembled I gave it a good sanding using 120 grit sandpaper both back and front with emphasis on the sides since this was going in my son’s room I took the extra pre-caution to eliminate any splintering of the pallet wood.

Next was time to “glue” the poster to the pallet canvas which I used mod podge to do so.


First I used a foam brush to layer on mod podge directly to the pallets, then I laid the poster down and did a layer of mod podge directly on the poster. 

Next to give the illusion the poster wasn’t actually a poster, I used an x-acto knife and cut the poster along each pallet pieces.  This helps break up the picture and actually make it look like it was painted onto the wood.  Next I went and watched an hour worth of TV patiently waited for the mod podge and poster to fully dry.


Next I wanted the poster to blend in so I used an off-white color paint and painted the edges of the pallet pieces and onto the poster.  I followed along the cuts of the poster in between each pallet pieces also. 

After everything was completely dry, I used two D rings attached to the back support pieces to hang it above J’s bed.



Brand new wall art for his room for a grand total of $7 and some change.  I happen to have the pallet wood, paint, mod podge, paint brush and D ring’s all on hand so the only cost was the original poster.

Once I showed my bestie my newest project she immediately asked if I’d make one for her house… with a poster of Johnny Depp Winking smile

I hope to slowly make some changes I really would like to do in J’s room to make it more cohesive… right now just feels like it’s decorated in spurts.  I am thinking of doing a faux chair railing with paint to help break up the dark blue walls… feels overwhelming.  I also think the piece is hung a bit too high… the beauty of hanging massive wall art by yourself {it can’t always end up perfect}.

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