Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanks to my October Sponsors and new Etsy items!

Once again, time has gotten away from me and we're already into the second week of the month.  That means it's time for me to give a big thank you to my October Sponsors!!
I'm so happy Everyday Vinyl is sponsoring PB&J again for another month, and once again they're offering a great deal for my readers.  20% off vinyl sheets and packages that are available on their website!  Coupon code pbfall at checkout to get your discount. 
I am so so so so so so {can you tell I'm excited} excited to hint about an upcoming giveaway being sponsored by Everyday Vinyl too... TRUST ME, you won't want to miss it!!!

Fish Window Cleaning
A must have in your cleaning supply bucket, this is an excellent window cleaner that foams when you spray it on your windows or mirror, making it super easy to wipe off for an oh-so-clean surface.  Plus, if they are available in your area, they'll even come clean all your windows!  I wouldn't mind kickin' my feet up a Sunday and letting them do my chores ;)

Thirty One: Ashley Morefield
If you've never heard of Thirty One you have to be living in a cave ;) These bags are amazing! And they don't just have bags, they have everything you could imagine to help keep your life organized and stylish.  I absolutely love them and have a few of my own.
I am eager to announce we'll have an exciting giveaway in November sponsored by Thirty One too!

I also want to include that I have added a few pieces to my new Etsy Shop: PB&Jcreations and have also done a few price adjustments on the pieces that were already in there.  If you have a favorite quote/saying feel free to contact me I LOVE doing customized pieces and so far that has been a majority of my sold pieces so don't hesitate!  I really appreciate everyone's support while I made the leap to open the shop, I couldn't have done it without everyone that helped push me into it.  It means the world! 


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  1. GREAT sponsors!! I'm definitely looking forward to more of your awesome giveaways :)

    LOVE the new stuff in the shop! Keep it up!!
    xo - Ali


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