Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I want to be when I grow up

Something inside me has really come to life over the past year as I've began the journey of blogging and becoming more adventurous with DIY projects.  I have a greater appreciation for finding beauty in old things and finding a new purpose for them, or even just an appreciation for them in their as-is state. 

I've started to dream of a future where I have a "dream job" and wondering what that would be.  I have a feeling there is no title, there is no position, there is no simple answer. 

These are just some women I dream of being able to do something like they do one day

{Picker Sisters}
What they do: They literally search junk yards and old barns for old junk and transform it into unimaginable beautiful pieces.  First image: an old silo turned into a hanging chair! Second image: a pesticide sprayer ripped off at truck turned into an industrial style light.  And bumpers off cars turned into chairs.

{Jeni of Found}
What she does: Owner of a unique vintage rental decor store, Jeni travels across the country finding vintage items she absolutely adores and brings them back to her studio for others to rent out for events, props, and staging purposes.  She has an unbelievable eye for true beauty in old items and finding them in rare places.

{Stylish Patina and Foundry}
 What they do: Kelly (SP) and Yvette (Foundry) these two amazing and talented women recently teamed together to combine both their styles into one place called 2 Girls & a Truck.  They both have companies for picking and rehabbed furniture and now have joined forces to bring their talents to us together.  Kelly is amazing at redoing furniture and finding real treasures hidden amongst junk, and Yvette has a design style that makes me weak in the knees, vintage and industrial.  The Foundry store is located in DC and I'm dying to make a trip there sometime soon... I may need to rent an 18-wheeler to take home all the pieces I'd want!

{Miss Mustard Seed}
What she does:  What doesn't she do!  She is a down to earth blogger that is reachable to others and has personally helped me out with a project #fail.  She transforms nothings into beautiful must haves and sells her pieces at Lucketts in Northern VA. {A place I have been dying to go to, miles and miles of treasures!}  She's also a freelance writer for HGTV!  She has a very comfortable at home sense about her style and each of her staging set ups for Lucketts have always made me want to just move in. 

There's so many women and men out there that spend their days transforming "junk" into "treasures" and I find it so beautiful and such an aspiring art form. 

Perhaps some day I'll be able to travel and find beautiful pieces from markets, old barns, even from the side of the roads.  Some day I'll transform them into beautiful new pieces and help give them another brand new life.  Some day I'll help others find vintage, worn with love pieces and help them see the true beauty in those pieces.  Some day I'll have a studio filled with little pieces with their own stories and history sitting pretty on display ready to be swooped up by the right person that just needs that piece! 

Too bad it isn't a career path I can send in a resume and fill out a job application and start heading in the right direction.  I do hope though over time I can meet enough inspiring people and stumble my way through enough projects that slowly this dream will become a reality.

some day.



  1. Hi, Pamela
    I am so happy for the them both. What a great adventure for them both. I wish them all the best.


  2. I am also obsessed with Picker Sisters! Cannot get enough of those darling friends and there amazing transformations! I also subscribe to Miss Mustard Seed, but can't wait to find out more about the others! Great idea for a post!

  3. Pamela thanks so much for sweet comments! I have to say "jump!" I did it and am loving every minute not to say I don't work like a maniac but it has been wonderful and Miss Mustard Seed was my inspiration:-) I love how this blogger world can hook some many wonderful and fabulous people together and help inspire all of us and get us through the hard days too:-)

    Keep in touch and come see us!!!


  4. I just wanted to assure you- you are well on your way. Beautiful work.


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