Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY Growth Chart Ruler

DIY Family Growth Chart


Growth charts are pretty much everywhere and they're such a cute way to watch your family {literally} grow.  There's DIY tutorials all over the bloggy world, but I'm here to contribute my own tutorial too because I was so eager to make one for our home.  At my husband's mom's house they have their own growth wall that is JAMMED packed with fun memories of people that have visited their home.  I'm pretty sure it initially started as a "no no" by the kids while they had friends over one day ... but it just grew from there. 


When I first met Billy, it was one of the first times I had been to his house {back when we were 'kids' ya know, 19 years old} and he said I had to be an addition to the wall.  Again, we just met so he didn't even know my last name so as you can see he decided to add me as "Pamela 'hotty' Anderson" ... as cool as it would be to have that as my name... it's not.


I wanted to carry on the tradition of the growth chart wall to our family, but as we're military I knew doing it on a long board would make it transportable for all our homes to come.  We'll be leaving enough memories behind in each home, it's nice to make things that we can take always take with us.

10"x7'x3/4" pine board - I used the higher quality boards and not the stock ones as I wanted it to have a nice smooth finish without a lot of knots to deal with.  I also went up to 7' in hopes that our kids will have my family genes and be in the 6' ranges ;)
Cut-Out Numbers from Cricut
- If you do not have a Cricut there is still a variety of options to create your numbers such as a stencil, free hand, transfer paper -- endless options


First I sanded the whole board so it'd have a smooth finish.  Unfortunately there was a big gash in the wood at the end but just a quick fill of my wood filler and a sanding and it was all filled in.



Next I painted the entire board white and let it completely dry.


Next I made ruler lines every three inches because I wanted the spacing to be further apart, but you could add lines every inch to closer replicate a ruler.


Then I applied all the numbers that I cut from my Cricut and was ready to hang on our entryway wall.

TIP:  I measured one foot up from the ground and marked it on the wall.  Then when I measured the lines on the board, I started the "zero line" at about 6" so it would properly sit on the wall and measure people correctly. 



Super easy project to do and love that we can take it with us whenever we move! 

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  1. LOVE IT! Miss you my Pamela Hotty Stephens!

    Love you hubby

  2. That was supposed to say Love YOUR hubby

  3. cute! love this idea! I want to make one :)

  4. Pamela Hottie Anderson: I love this blog! I also love that you made that one portable. We pray ours is not on a weigt bearing wall because I plan to take it with me when I move into the old folks home in 30 years. Great job...

    Remember when we all went to Florida together and Scott signed you in to the condo as Pamela Anderson. Funny.

    Love, Glamma

  5. THis is SO SO awesome Pamela! I love it! Great job :)

  6. I could die!! This project has been on my 'to do' for months!! Great minds think alike!!! Love my blogging friend!


  7. Hi there! Stumbled across your blog and love it, especially love how your DIY growth chart turned out!
    A few months back I asked my husband to help me make one for our boys and we had fun preparing the board, but got stuck on creating a neat, professional way to put on numbers and tick marks. We tried numerous methods, and weren't happy with any of them, so decided to design a DIY vinyl decal that you can just transfer onto the board and were finally happy with it!
    Since then, knowing how popular this project is, we actually opened a shop on Etsy to sell the decals for other DIY-ers who wanted to make a board but didn't have the creativity or time to hand draw out or stencil numbers and tick marks. If you'd like to take a look, or recommend the shop in your post to others who might be frustrated by the same step as an option, it's: www.etsy.com/shop/LittleAcornsByRo
    Maybe it will be a help to others out there!
    Thanks and best wishes!


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