Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fireman Jackson–Jackson’s Corner {9}

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a Jackson’s Corner & this a bit early as they’re typically done on Friday’s but I wanted to post some adorable pictures of J from Halloween!

To those that are newer followers of PB&Jstories – most of my posts are about DIY projects, tutorials and trends .. however once in a while I indulge in a little family loving and have Jackson’s Corner posts that rant on about my {almost} three year old son, the love of my life.
There was a part of me this year that almost wanted to skip over Halloween.  I thought Jackson was still too young to really understand the concept and I just pictured me having to go up to every single door with him and trying to get him to understand what exactly it was we were doing {essentially, a repeat of last year}.  Well, I didn’t gave the little man enough credit.. because boy oh boy did he definitely know what Trick or Treating was! 

First we played around in the backyard to get some daylight pictures of him in his costume.




Then once it was finally dark out we hit the streets… and like I said.. he was well aware of how to Trick or Treat!  He sprinted up to the doors and held his bucket up high for candy.  I kept having to remind him though to say the magic words, “Trick or Treat” but I will admit he did great at saying Thank You at every house! Smile


Surprisingly a lot of houses had their lights turned off which obviously meant they weren’t partaking in the holiday spirits & Jackson didn’t understand we couldn’t stop at every house so the first couple times I just said they were going nanighs… so for the remainder of the time anytime we passed a house with the lights off he’d say, “ssshhhh they’re sleeping”. {Pretty Cute!}


One of the last houses we stopped at was really decorated head to toe and this skeleton in the cage would shake and light up and scream “GET ME OUTTA HERE”. J absolutely LOVED it… kept cracking up so hard he got the hiccups!  The owner’s of the house just about died from hearing him laugh too… The guy insisted I let him take a picture of us with the skeleton.. and as you can see J was still laughing away at the skeleton.


We made it around a four block square, and I actually ended up having to carry him the last block and a half {I think his bucket was actually what was weighing him down}. 

Once we returned home he eagerly dumped his candy out on the ground to admire his collection.  He was quite proud of his candy and downed a sucker within seconds…

I really was so proud of how well he did and just makes me laugh because if I was beaming ear to ear with a smile because of him over Trick or Treating… just imagine what I’ll be like as he gets older and learns to do more and more on his own. 
{This is my official statement I take no responsibility at future moments how I react to things like his first date, drivers license, graduating high school, and college!!!}



  1. Such a cutie-pie. Lots of love, Glamma.

  2. He is seriously SO adorable! I love the pic of you two while he's laughing. SO SO sweet! Happy belated Halloween :)

  3. What a great picture of him laughing. I love taking my girls trick or treating. We had alot of house with their lights out also. it was kind of depressing.

  4. Adorbs!!! I <3 the picture of him hanging on to the post of the swingset with his super serious face!!!

  5. I love them all. I have great memories when we first did trick or treating with you Pamela. Thank you for sharing those moments with Jackson.

  6. Hi Pamela! Jackson is so cute! I love the photo's, perfect fireman.

    I got my SugarBoo pillow! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! So many comments asking where I got it!

  7. He's adorable!! You got some great shots of him! :)


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