Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Floating Shelf Fix -- that one stubborn project

I love the look of floating shelves and researched a lot when I wanted some for our dining space in our new home.  I bought the Paxton Shelves from West Elm and was impressed with the hardware they came with and they looked like they were going to hold up for a long time.  Sadly after a short time I was mistaken and also was never very happy with how they were "decorated" but never seemed to find time or motivation to find a set up that I really enjoyed.

Shelves Before:

Unfortunately about after six months, I started to notice some sagging away from the wall...


This picture actually doesn't show justice how much they were sagging.  Initially they sat at a 90 degree angle from the wall but over time the shelf was sagging downward.  It got to the point almost everyday I came home from work I envisioned walking into a mess with big holes in my wall and the shelves on the ground.

Finally, the other weekend I was motivated to finally fix them!  I started off by completely removing the shelves and patching up the holes.

As much as I loved the floating shelves look I was nervous to reinstall without more support, so I looked for some shelf supports that would fit my style but also blend in.

I picked these up at Lowe's for $7 each and spray painted them with Valspar White - Glossy. I had looked around for more decorative ones for a while but they all had a high price tag so this was a better fit for me.


Once they dried I reinstalled everything and was ready to come up with a decor plan that I LIKED this time.


Same pieces but -- a better arrangement and accented the certain colors.  I love the mixture of whites and brown tones.  I made sure to have a variety of heights, and included objects that created layers and depth.
My “Letter S” Tutorial can be found here.


The hurricane was a clearance item from Home Goods for a couple of dollars that was a rusty brass color – that I attacked with a spray paint of white gloss paint too.


I love my shelves now.  I think they have balance, are well-color coordinated for the space, and have a combination of classy and quirky items {like the little cow figure which I actually got the motivation for that piece from John & Sherri @ YHL and their obsessions with white ceramic animals}.


They’re wide shelves so I was sure to pick items and place them accordingly so everything wasn’t flush against the wall.  I created depth by layering items, and different colored pieces at different heights.


This project was the equivilant of that random item that is laying on the landing of your stairs… the one that is an eye sore to you, and every one else that enters your home.  Every time you look at it, you think to yourself, “tonight… tonight I’ll clean that up” yet you walk past it the next morning with a big sigh.  Everyone has that “project” {and pile} and I’m SO SO happy I finally just DID it.

What do you think of the shelf supports?  Do you think I should have just tried it again as floating shelves?  Any quirky décor items you have due to inspiration from another blogger?

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  1. LOVE your shelves! makes me want to get some and stuff to fill em! :D

  2. I think they look great!! The supports look like they belong there and you staged them perfectly! Well done friend :)

  3. It turned out beautiful. I had some floating shelves but had the same problem. Until one of the cats jumped on it and ripped it off the wall. (sigh). I think the supports look like they've always been there and the vignette is beautiful, too!

  4. The supports look great! I wouldn't have hung them back up without the supports! That "tomorrow" project is a, we'll call it a pile, in my craft space of all places!

  5. Did you create that subway art with all the Mpls references or did you buy it somewhere?

  6. Your shelves look so much better with the brackets. Love the way you've decorated them.

  7. love the way this turned out! Just beautiful! Great work!

  8. Wow Its so beautiful. You have done very beautifully decorate your house wall. I like both flower pot and also all photo frame.

  9. Hi, I'm having the same problem with the shelves we purchased. Were the shelves you had connect to a long metal piece that was screwed into the wall? The shelves we got are hollow, do you think this will work on our shelves? We can't take them back because we waited to long to put them up and I don't want to waste them. Any suggestions? Thank you. You did a great job.


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